1. Authors are not guaranteed a review for each email provided. We can't be responsible for other people's children. It is also against Amazon's terms to require a review.
  2. We aren't responsible if the readers don't give you five stars, these are real people and real opinions.
  3. You're not buying reviews, you're buying a space on the site where readers can find you. It's a little like a dating service. 
  4. Readers are told that IF they opt to review a book they received for free, they must note that they received the book for free. (Amazon/FTC rules)
  5. It isn't our fault if someone leaves a review and Amazon rejects it. We can't control Amazon either!
  6. If you offer readers a PDF or anything other than an Amazon gifted Kindle ebook, we cannot be held responsible if they share it with all thier friends or otherwise do the wrong thing. 
  7. AuthorsXP.com, it's affiliates, holding company Vansant Creations, LLC or Amy Vansant cannot be held liable for any kind of damages beyond the price you paid to engage in the advertising.
  8. While it is fine to interact and remind readers, authors who harrass readers about reviews will not be allowed to participate in the future.
  9. If we feel a book isn't right for the program, we reserve the right to refuse it.