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FAQ/Genres In Need

A highly-targeted giveaway-mailing list builder - A super-powerful promotion for serious authors looking for serious results. Past giveaways have collected as many as 2000+ readers for a single event! You can walk away with hundreds+ of reader emails AND hundreds of your books downloaded by readers ready to buy into the rest of your series!

  • These are special events, because they generate good lists, employ Facebook ads to reach new blood outside the readers that usually use promotion sites, AND every one who enters gets to download one of your books free (which will hopefully hook them as a fan!) 
  • You're paired with 2-5 other authors for a genre as specific as possible.
  • Authors share the giveaway in their newsletters/social media to cross-promote
  • AXP runs targeted Facebook ads to attract even more readers
  • When readers enter, they gain access to your FREE book (use your Kindle Select free days, or Bookfunnel, etc.), Readers can start reading your series immediately!


Though you can request ANY genre, I'm specifically in need of a few to round out some teams:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • LGBT M/M
  • Hardboiled FL Mystery
  • Legal Mystery
  • BDSM Romance
  • Horror/Suspense
  • Historical Women's Fiction
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Thrillers