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Outdoor Adventure Thriller Series

W.C.Hoffman is a lifelong resident of Michigan.

If you took a guy who loves to hunt and fish and then made him a professional magician with a decade long career in law enforcement who also enjoys his work as an ordained wedding officiant you would have W.C. Hoffman.

A loving husband and father of two, his writing utilizes the outdoors knowledge he has gained over the years he has spent chasing game in the wildest areas of North America. Hoffman's unique life skills are often evident in his novels.


Twins of PreyTwins of Prey FREE JULY 23-27!

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Twins of Prey II: HomecomingTwins of Prey II: Homecoming $2.99

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You can take the animal out of the woods..
For twin brothers, Tomek and Drake, life and death struggles were the norm when they lived off the grid deep in the forests of Northern Michigan. Trying to adjust to their new way of life in the small town of Pine Run, it becomes increasingly apparent that even sleepy towns can have nightmares.

Controlled by a corrupt mayor and sinful priest, Pine Run has been overtaken by the darkest parts of society. With a thriving narcotics ring and a murderous gang called the Angels, these town leaders have the final say on who lives and who dies. The community now faces a terror like none they have known before.

Nothing is simple in Pine Run as the twins learn who has become the newly appointed Sheriff. Brothers Tomek and Drake must either challenge the corruption while relying on their life long survival training or silently retreat to the comfort of the wilderness that surrounds them. Their choice is the difference between living and surviving.

Twins of Prey II Homecoming is the second novel in the Twins of Prey Series

Twins of Prey III: AscensionTwins of Prey III: Ascension $2.99

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One man's prison is another man's paradise.

The focus of teenage twin brothers Tomek and Drake's lives has been survival. In their short lives hunting, fishing, fighting and killing have always played a major role.

Forced to take residence on a desolate island the twins have returned to a woodland way of life. Living off the land has always been the twin's desire and for the first time they will be given the opportunity to do so on their own.

Unsure if the secluded rock in the middle of the Great Lakes is their home or their prison, Tomek and Drake quickly learn that they are not the most dangerous wild beings who inhabit Ascension Island.

Not only will the twins have to battle against the monstrosities of the island, they will also learn that a monster lives inside every man.

Twins of Prey III ~ Ascension is the third and final novel in the Twins of Prey series.