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Ways members can work with (and help) our authors!

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  • Name of Series
  • Genre of Series
  • Link to Series on Amazon
  • Description of Series (written as if you're trying to let people know what to expect and get them excited about it)
  • Link to your web site

How to setup your FB Group: (or send me your personal FB login)

1. Log into your personal FB account.

BOOM! You have a street team group!

Copy the URL of your street team - you'll need it to send to people so they can go and join.

Going forward, send everyone that you know reads and likes your books to this FB Group so you can keep them organized and alert them of news easily!

Add a shortcut so YOU can find your group.

Go to your personal FB home and hover over "Shortcuts." When you do, "EDIT" should appear. Click that and "PIN TO TOP" your new group in the box that pops up. That way you'll have a shortcut link to your group going forward so YOU can find it!

Add a graphic to your group header. (I can make this for you.) Example:


Next step is to keep your group happy by interacting with them.

Some ideas

  1. Run a poll and let them choose their name 

  2. Offer the books for free to members to get them all on the same page
  3. Ask them what they'd like to see more/less of in your series.
  4. Tell them how you came up with ideas
  5. Cover reveals
  6. Request reviews
  7. Ask them to share promotions on social media
  8. Ask them to post where they're from
  9. Run spot giveaways for gift cards
  10. Share photos of your writing space
  11. Share pet photos or other photos you know your audience would like
  12. Share memes and jokes in the vein of your series

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