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In short, Blaster-Builder is a mailing sent to our genre-specific reader lists dedicated to only your book(s) and can be used for sales, downloads and/or list building.

What you get:

  • Potentially hundreds of newsletter followers
  • Potentially hundreds (or thousands) of free downloads - A.K.A. Hundreds of new readers
  • Potentially hundreds of sales of featured 99c books
  • Great for combining with other freebie promotions, Amazon free days and BookFunnel/Instafreebie --- keep your ranking on Amazon UP another day during launches and promotions!


  • Pick any day for the mailing - if that day isn't free we'll do our best to accommodate
  • AXP will put together the mailing and send it to you for approval before mailing
  • You may provide whatever marketing information if you prefer
  • GDPR compliant


Promoting a free book to get downloads and exposure or keep Amazon rank high:  

Promote JUST the book, linked directly to Amazon/Retailers. Don't distract the readers from downloading by making them give you an email.

Promoting a free book to get reader emails: 

Link your free book to YOUR signup page/Bookfunnel/etc, or AXP can capture emails and then send readers to the download link on Amazon/Retailers (and send you the list at the end.)

Promoting a 99c book to get sales: 

Link the book directly to Amazon/Retailers and let them know they can also get an additional free book/story, etc. by going to an additional link. Use that additional link to capture emails and/or expose readers to your work. Sell and build your list with one mailing!  Great for NEW RELEASES and any 99c promotion day. 

Be sure to pair any of these with a Daily Deal as well - that way readers will see your book twice (it doesn't always hit them to move the first time!)