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What are AXP Book Fairs? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE or Order Below.

AXP Book Fairs combine the Genre-Specific and Authors-Working-Together-to-Promote side of Mailing List Builder with the BUY MY BOOK! aspect of Daily Deals! 

AXP Book Fair

If you're a repeat visitor LOGIN first or the form will tell you your email is taken!


These are the upcoming events, but you can sign up for any category and you'll be included when that event happens!

5-11 Children/Middle Grade/Clean YA
12-18 Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
19-25 Christmas Books
26-Jan. 1 TBA/Private Event?/Vacation? :)
2-8 Steamy Romances
9-15 Sci-Fi
16-22 Chick-Lit
23-29 Action Adventure & Men's Lit
30-5 Cozy Mystery
6-12 Historical Romance
13-19 New Adult
20-26 Mystery - Crime/Suspense
27-5 Sweet Romances
6-12 Non-Fiction
13-19 Paranormal Romances
20-26 Women Sleuths
27-2 Christian/Wholesome
3-9 Series Event (Promote Whole Series!)
10-16 Womens Fiction
17-23 Paranormal Thrillers
24-30 Audio Books
1-7 Horror
8-14 Romantic Suspsense
15-21 Literary/General
22-28 Humor