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Award-winning author and editor of fiction and non-fiction books in every genre and category.
Christina Kaye Editing Services
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Award-winning author with six traditionally published books under my belt. I've been editing for fiction authors on a freelance basis for many years. I also teach adult classes on creative writing at The Carnegie Center, and I intern at a major NY literary agency. I know what agents/editors/publishers/readers are looking for in a good manuscript, and I have a natural eye for good writing. If you're seeking an editor to help you get your manuscript into the best possible condition and prepare it for submission to agents and/or publishers, look no further! ​

I take pride in my work, and I make it a point to develop a good working relationship with all the authors I work with. I make myself available to them as much as possible, and I don't charge by the hour, but by the word. Not to mention, I try to keep my rates slightly below industry standards to try to help authors as much as I can. Your rate includes unlimited FREE advice and conversations by phone/email/messenger any time you have a question. I'm here to help. I never criticize or judge the authors I work with. Remember, I'm an author, too

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