Millionaire Success Principles: How Successful People Next Door Think Differently and How You Can Adopt the Same Habits, Mindset and Positive Mental Attitude to Hit the Fastlane

If you’re looking for the principles, mindset, and habits that drive successful millionaires, and how you could model them and become successful without spending years of your life discovering them by yourself, then keep listening.... We live in an age populated by self-professed gurus. Maybe you've even tried listening to some of them, only to discover that the reality of success is never as easy as what a lot of these \"gurus\" make them out to be. Sound familiar? If it does, then the information inside this audiobook is your answer. You see, this is not some get rich quick program that leaves you worse off than you were before. Each lesson in this audiobook reinforces and expands on the previous lessons. We call this \"slow growth\" and we like to think of it as a way of getting results that stick around for the long-term, rather than a quick gimmick or trick that works today and is gone tomorrow. In this audio program, you will discover: The five essential secrets of success, without them in place you will never achieve the success you desire How to use the inner space of your mind to launch you full force into the opportunities in your world How to use what others call failure as your ticket to astounding success A special character trait that's found in all successful people - yes, it too can be nurtured and developed How a system created 250 years ago can help you to eliminate bad habits There's a total of 50 lessons for you to listen to over and over. There's even sho ...

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Author:Jack Graziosi, Dean Canfield
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