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Meet Diane Weiner and the Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Cozy Mystery Series!

Diane Weiner is a veteran public school teacher and mother of four children. She has enjoyed reading for as long as she can remember. She has fond memories of reading Nancy Drew and Mary Higgins Clark on snowy weekend afternoons in upstate New York and yearned to write books that would bring that kind of enjoyment to her readers. Being an animal lover, she is a vegetarian and shares her home with two adorable cats. In her free time, she enjoys running, attending community theater productions, and spending time with her family (especially going to the mall with her teenage daughter and getting Dairy Queen afterwards).

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Murder is Elementary (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 1)   $2.99Murder is Elementary (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 1) 

Susan Wiles is blissfully retired from her career as a music teacher. What a joy to be able to attend the holiday concert without worrying about how her chorus will perform. But wait. Where's the principal? Susan offers to check, only to find the principal lying dead on her office floor. Of course, now that she's retired she has time to help the local police (one of whom is her daughter) solve the mysterious crime. Did the principal die of natural causes? The bruise on her face doesn't seem severe enough to be fatal. What about that funfetti cupcake sitting on her desk? Could she have been poisoned? Susan has just found the perfect retirement activity, much to her daughter's chagrin. And when the principal's teenage daughter, one of Susan's all time favorite students, asks for help - how can she say no? Little does she realize that this crime will take her far from the schoolhouse doors, as she investigates a mystery that extends back into one family's painful past.

Murder is Secondary: A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse MysteryMurder is Secondary (A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 2)  0.99

Retired music teacher Susan Wiles thought she'd be content knitting baby blankets and volunteering at the local high school, but she is dead wrong. When her husband's best friend Tank is accused of a terrible crime, Susan puts her sleuthing skills into action, much to the chagrin of her husband and police detective daughter. When a dead body is discovered in a construction site behind the school, the stakes quickly escalate. But before Susan can solve this new mystery and exonerate Tank, she finds herself dealing with personal and family issues that force her to realize that Murder is Secondary.

Murder in the Middle: A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Murder in the Middle (A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 3)  $2.99

An urgent phone call from principal/friend Antonio Petrocelli sends retired music teacher Susan Wiles rushing through the doors of Westbrook Middle School , where she discovers a missing bookkeeper and a ransacked office. Eager to keep the break-in quiet, the principal enlists her help. Too bad Susan's detective daughter, Lynette, doesn't appreciate her mother's interference in police business. That won't stop Susan. What clues does she have? A missing bookkeeper, two brothers, a waterfall, and a suspicious death-what's the relationship? It's all very murky and Susan must solve the mystery while in the middle of an acute family crisis that may forever change the life of someone she loves.

Murder is Private (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 4) Murder is Private (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 4)  $2.99

Eerie violin music, flashing lights, a battered security guard, a dead music teacher….more than Susan Wiles bargained for when she flew to Florida to meet her newly found birth mother, Audrey Roberts, for the first time. Audrey is in charge of Hemingway High School for the Performing Arts, a tony private school in Banyan Beach, Florida. The bad publicity surrounding the school jeopardizes its existence when donors threaten to withhold funding, and parents begin withdrawing their students. Lucky for Audrey, Susan happens to be a retired music teacher…and an amateur sleuth extraordinaire. Against the wishes of Susan’s detective daughter who has accompanied her on the trip, Susan volunteers to substitute for the dead choral teacher, and uses her new position to work on solving the case.

Murder is Developmental (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 5) Murder is Developmental (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 5)  $2.99

When an escalating series of crimes threatens the teachers at Westbrook Developmental Preschool, amateur sleuth Susan Wiles jumps in with both feet to help the police solve the crime. After all, this is her granddaughter's school! While uncovering mysterious clues, she realizes a family member's life is in jeopardy, and that her biological mother has been hiding a secret. Can Susan balance her personal life while bringing back safety to her granddaughter's school? Find out in Murder is Developmental.

Murder is Legal (The Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 6) Murder is Legal (The Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 6)  $2.99

When a mysterious letter lures retired music teacher Susan Wiles and her husband Mike to Atlanta, Georgia, the hunt for the truth about a thirty year old murder case begins. Did Richard Stirling murder his wife, or does new evidence prove his innocence? Both Susan's birth mother and Richard's best friend believe the wrong man was arrested, but Susan's birth mother is in love with the man, and his best friend credits him with saving his life. Richard's own brother, a law professor at Iberton University, believes he is guilty. From past encounters with Richard, Susan sees him as a womanizer who's been playing her mother for years. Perhaps she can prove without a doubt that Richard Stirling is guilty and prevent her mother from wasting any more time or money on him. While solving the case, Susan hides a deep, personal secret that could affect the lives of those closest to her. Will she be able to keep the secret while determining whether or not Murder is Legal?

Murder Is Collegiate: A Susan Wiles School House Mystery Murder Is Collegiate: A Susan Wiles School House Mystery Book 7  $2.99

A dead body, stolen jewelry, a barn full of secrets... not the vacation retired teacher Susan Wiles and her husband Mike expected when they decided to visit their old friends Emily and Henry. Are the ominous events related to the true crime book Emily is writing? To the ten year anniversary of the unsolved disappeared of a local college student? Or to a builder's dream of creating a community of miniature homes at any cost? In a team effort, Susan, Mike, and their friends band together to restore harmony to the idyllic community of Sugarbury Falls, Vermont.

Murder Is Collegiate: A Susan Wiles School House Mystery Murder is Chartered (A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery Book 8)  $2.99 

Susan Wiles is driving home from open house on a winding mountain road, late at night. Nearly falling asleep at the wheel, she is startled when she hears something hit her Prius from out of nowhere. It's a dead woman lying in the road! Susan panics. Did she hit this pedestrian? After calling for help, she notices that the body lying dead on the road is her school's assistant principal, Melissa Chadwick. Her detective daughter arrives at the scene and sensing something isn't right, discourages her mother from admitting guilt. Is this an accident, or a murder? Was Melissa killed by a coworker, someone with a grudge against her husband's recently relocated business, or someone very close to her heart? Feeling responsible, retired teacher Susan Wiles puts on her sleuthing cap, determined to find the answer. Will she find the truth, or will tragedy once again strike the cozy New York town of Westbrook?

Murder is Homework: A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery (Th Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 9)Murder is Homework (A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 9)  $2.99

Retired music teacher Susan Wiles is enjoying Christmas dinner with her family when she receives an unexpected phone call. Her birth mother, Audrey Stirling, has been arrested for killing her husband! Richard Stirling had no shortage of enemies, all with viable motives, but the evidence points directly at Audrey. To make matters worse, the judge puts Audrey, whose relationship with Susan has been historically volatile, on house arrest while awaiting trial. She will live with Susan 24/7, adding extra motivation for Susan to find the real killer and send her mother back to Florida. Along the way, Susan backslides on her promise to her family by once again putting herself in danger. Surrounded by her detective daughter, her lawyer father who comes out of retirement to represent Audrey, and her mysterious half-brother, Susan discovers that Murder is Homework!


Murder is Medical: A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 10)Murder is Medical: A Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mystery (Susan Wiles Schoolhouse Mysteries Book 10) $2.99

When Susan and Mike travel to St. Louis to find out where Evan will be doing his residency, the Match Day celebration takes a deadly turn. The dean of the medical school dies at the reception. Was it a heart attack or was it murder? Kept in St. Louis due to a personal crisis, Susan teams up with the mother of the detective assigned to the case. It's double trouble as the duo uncovers secrets worthy of murder. Meanwhile, Susan confronts her biggest fear--losing someone close to her heart. Set in the biggest small town in the country, Murder is Medical takes you through a whirlwind of suspects and emotions as the mystery is unraveled.