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Cozy Mysteries with Recipes

C. A. Phipps is a USA Today best-selling romance author from beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.

Cheryl loves a good mystery filled with feisty heroines and wonderful small towns with heart-warming tales of strong family ties mixed in with a little romance and humor.

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.

No swearing, gore or graphic scenes

Free recipes in each book!

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Apple Pie and Arsenic (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 1)  

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Madeline Flynn thought that opening her bakery and winning the top prize for her apple pie at the Spring Festival would be the most excitement in her day.

She isn’t expecting to find a dead body, or be accused of murder.

Things like this just don’t happen in small town, Maple Falls.

With nowhere else to turn, Maddie enlists the help of her old flame Sheriff Ethan Tanner, as well as her irrepressible Gran, to find the murderer before Maddie’s put in jail or there’s another death on their hands.

Danger threatens at every turn, and when Maddie ends up on her own, scared and out of her depth, it seems that even an award-winning baker isn’t safe from Maple Falls’ first serial killer.

Bagels and Blackmail (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 2)  

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Catnapping and more! 

Why would someone steal Big Red?

More than a pet… 

… so much more, it turns out that he’s not the only one taken. It’s a catastrophe for the owners who, like Maddie, considers them family members.

Where are they being hidden?

While the Sheriff, who happens to be her ex-boyfriend, is doing what he can to solve the mystery, Maddie can’t sit by and watch.

Going against her darling Gran’s wishes, she once again decides to do her own detective work—with a little help from her friends. 

If you love your pet, this cozy mystery will have you cheering for Maddie, because she won’t give in until every animal is home!

5* Review by Alisha
Bagels and Blackmail is the second book in the Maple Lane Cozy Series and it’s another great story.
Madeline has decided to bring on extra help in the bakery, she’s decided to try making bagels as another baked good to sell at the bakery, and pets have started disappearing in Maple Falls. Unfortunately, Big Red Maddie’s 11-year-old Maine Coon cat is one of the animals that’s disappeared. Will Maddie see Big Red again?

5* Review by Bernadette
The Maple Lane cozy mystery series continues with this story about the disappearance of several pets - including Bid Red! Add in blackmail and murder for an exciting story with Maddie, Gran, the Girlz, and Ethan. The characters are well developed. The plot will keep you engrossed until the last page.

5* by Robin
I really liked this book. It’s the second in the series. This is a feel-good mystery. All of the town's pets have gone missing including Maddie’s cat big red. I will definitely be continuing with the series.

Cookies and Chaos (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 3)  

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Cookies come in all shapes. As do murder victims. Delicious Cozy Mysteries with free recipes!

Maple Falls - home of delicious treats.

Of yard sales and a sense of community. 

And now . . . Murder! 

 Using her bakery and expertise, Madeline Flynn’s keen to help a pair of young locals with their cookie sales.

 But strange things are happening at the community center where they hope to make their sales. It might be no place for children just now.

 Once again Maddie is whisked up an investigation that will take all her sleuthing skills and Gran, a posse of girlfriends, as well as Big Red, her faithful Maine Coon, won’t let her do it alone.

Along with the handsome Sheriff, they’re wading through clues as thick as cookie dough, hoping that the timer won’t go off on another murder. 

Have they taken on more than they can chew?

Doughnuts and Disaster (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 4)   

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The threat is real.
Her best friend could die.

Can Maddie save her in time?

The call surprised her. Maddie had been baking jelly doughnuts for her best friend's salon for a year. Now, the order has been canceled. What does this mean? Is it the first sign of the apocalypse? Her friend adores the doughnuts, and now Maddie must get to the bottom of this mystery.

What is going on?

Angel loves her days in the salon, and her clients enjoy sweet treats she orders from her best friend, Maddie, but there's just one problem, the stress of a killer in town has taken her appetite.

And this isn't the only thing worrying her.

Why would Angel's ex-husband be back in town?

Maddie's boyfriend, the sheriff, hasn't been able to crack the string of murders. She may need to give him a gentle hand with this one.

You'll love the clues aplenty in this cozy mystery because everyone enjoys figuring out the riddles.
The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she's a talented amateur sleuth.

Eclairs and Extortion (Maple Lane Mysteries Book 5)   NEW! SPECIAL PRICE ON PRE-SALE!

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN  

Marriage, Menace, and Murder!

Is it just coincidence that a body turns up in the park the same day as Maddie’s mom arrives in Maple Falls?

And who is the dark stranger wandering about on the streets of her home town?

Preparations for a surprise seventieth birthday celebration for Gran are jeopardized when Maddie’s part time parent shows up unannounced. Devoted to her grandmother, Maddie won't allow her mom to ruin things like she usually does.

With three generations at logger-heads, a murderer to find, and a party to organize, life is about to get crazy.

If you love your eclairs with a side of mystery, click the buy button today!

The Maple Lane Mysteries are light, cozy mysteries featuring a quirky cat-loving bakery owner who discovers she’s a talented amateur sleuth.
No swearing, gore or graphic scenes.

Cheryl is a USA Today bestselling author from beautiful Auckland, New Zealand with two alter egos: C.A. Phipps who writes cozy mysteries and Cheryl Phipps who writes contemporary romance.

She loves stories filled with feisty heroines, suave heroes, and wonderful small towns, and crafting her own heart-warming tales of strong family ties, mixed in with a little romance, humor, and delicious baking!