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Free bonus book with this cozy mystery series

About Victoria LK Williams

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Victoria writes what she calls Cozy Mysteries with a Tropical Twist. Her series are set in small south Florida towns, with fun characters and a dog/cat or two. She also has one series that is paranormal cozy and the plans for a second.

Victoria can often be found writing from her south Florida home, looking into her garden, watching the birds and squirrels fight over their next meal, while she writes. Her two cats, Miss Marple, and Fletch, often join her at the desk and each has their assigned spot. Victoria's not sure they are there to supervise her writing or watch the birds.

Victoria and her husband of 35 years share a love of gardening, and together they have written a gardening handbook for Florida gardeners. The Williams are now empty-nesters, giving Victoria plenty of time to dream up the next story.

Until then, you can read any of her current titles in the Citrus Beach Mystery series, Sister Station series, Storm Voices series. And now Mrs. Avery's Adventures series.


Get the Citrus Beach series BOOK ONE FREE!

Killer Focus (Mrs. Avery's Adventures Book 1) $2.99

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A pink slip, a birthday card, new neighbors...Piper Avery thought her week was bad-then she found the body on the beach!

Piper had no intentions of getting involved, but undercover cop Joel Stevenson, inadvertently challenged her. And, well, she had no choice, did she?

Piper and the spaniel Daisy, a surprise birthday gift and a bit of a diva, begin to investigate and are soon caught up in more than they are prepared for. Joining forces with Joel and his K-9 partner, Scout, they work to solve the murder-before Piper becomes the next victim.

And while Piper is looking for the murderer, she is also adjusting to her mother and mother-in-law as neighbors while getting her photography gallery ready to open. It might turn out to be more of an adventure than Piper is prepared for.

Grab a copy and find out if Piper makes it through her first adventure!

Final Delivery (Mrs. Avery's Adventures Book 2) $3.99

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN  

The postman is delivering more than the mail, and Lily Strauss is dead as a result!

Piper Avery and her dog, Daisy find the body of her neighbor and start asking questions. Piper wants to clear Lily's husband, David, from murder charges. But things aren't adding up. Piper's discovery has her asking police consultant, Joel Stevens and his K9 partner, Scout, for help.

Working together, Piper and Joel find that Lily's craft shipments are more than they seem. And everyone seems to be looking for one shipment in particular.

Who will find it first? Piper or the killer?

Get your copy and find out if this will be Piper's Final Delivery.

The Dummy Did It (Mrs. Avery's Adventures Book 3) $3.99

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Someone is trying to pin the blame on the Dummy!

Pelican Harbor is starting to look festive with Halloween displays, but Piper Avery stumbles onto a gruesome discovery; a dead body. And it has nothing to do with holiday decorations.

When Piper and Daisy, her diva dog, arrive to talk to Samuel Weston about his art, they find him murdered - behind the locked doors of his office. And sitting in the chair by the body is Samuel's ventriloquist dummy; a gruel note pinned to it.

But this isn't the only discovery Piper makes. Her youngest son is also staying at the Weston home, and he is romantically involved with Samuel's granddaughter.

Plus Joel and his K-9 partner, Scout, have arrived to talk to the victim, and it's not about art.

Now Piper and Joel must work together and find a killer. And they must work fast; before Piper's son is blamed, or worse, another murder happens.

Get your copy and follow along as Piper follows the clues. Will she survive another adventure?