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Fantasy Western Action Series

Rory D Nelson owns a small window cleaning business in the Sacramento area and is a devoted pet parent to his dogs, Ruger and Cupcake and his cat, Buddy. He lives with the love of his life, Janell and is generally a pain in the ass to live with. She tolerates him mainly for his love-making skills. 

He is a prolific and eclectic writer and has written numerous comedy shorts, humorous t-shirts and hilarious commercial parodies. He has sold many of them to Comedy Central. He is also an accomplished actor, having been in numerous high school productions during his youth. 

He is a wine connoisseur, a caffeine junky and a pot enthusiast. In college, he once fabricated a bong from a hand-held vacuum cleaner. 

He spends most of his free time writing this epic series and hopes to complete Book Three, Test of Ostra late in 2019, as well as a related series set in the Merlin universe early in 2019.

Some of his favorite writers are John Steinbeck, Ann Rice, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Mary Shelley, Sylvia Plath, H.P. Lovecraft and George Orwell.
Learn more about Rory D Nelson at and pick up a copy of the prequel, Dawn of the Merlin for free(as a subscriber to his Reader Group, The Brotherhood Blog).

The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book OneThe Brotherhood of Merlin: Book One $2.99

One universe of magic could never contain the Knights of the Round Table...
The Merlin bears his legendary title with honor. Lifetimes after King Arthur's death, the wizard will go to great lengths to protect the orphaned demi-god prophesied to carry his staff and protect the sacred code. But with a vicious king marching on his heir's township, Merlin fears he won't have the strength to hold back the bloodthirsty horde...  Waging a desperate guerrilla battle, Merlin and his nine Knights deploy sword, pistol, and sorcery against the onslaught. But with the young successor in hiding and a savage enemy on the move, Merlin's centuries-long defenses could drown in a sea of blood. Can the magician uphold the age-old legacy and once again lead his Knights to victory? 

The Brotherhood of Merlin is the first book in an action-packed dark fantasy series set in a parallel universe of magic run amok. If you like gritty heroes, graphic combat, and breathtaking plot twists, then you'll love Rory D Nelson's page-turning tale. Buy The Brotherhood of Merlin to watch the mythical wizard charge into battle today!

The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book Two: LyceneaThe Brotherhood of Merlin: Book Two: Lycenea $3.99

Merlin returns to Lycenea a hero, victorious over the Visi-Gauls in a gruesome and exhaustive campaign that claimed the life of one of his men and saw the annihilation of the Visi-Gauls’ Southern Army.

Merlin’s peaceful reprieve is cut short however, as he must now find and expose the corrupt Senator who initiated the war in the first place and plots to subvert the Empire for himself. He is aided by the powerful sorceress, Morgana and Felinius, a former disgraced and condemned knight who knows the inner workings of the Brotherhood. 

Merlin must also protect two of the captives he rescued during the war with the Visi-Gauls, one of whom is a boy named Dante, whose power has been prophesized to defeat Herod Antipaz, the corrupt Senator, and his deadly allies who threaten to destroy Gilleon.

Herod makes plans of his own for eliminating Dante. The boy’s problems continue to mount precipitously- for not only is he being ruthlessly hunted down by Herod’s minions, but he must also face down a brutal training program in Round Table Academy, where he faces elimination on a daily basis. Should he be eliminated, he will no longer be under the protection of Merlin and his Brotherhood and his death almost a foregone conclusion. 

His only hope, his only salvation is Merlin- as is the country of Gilleon. 


The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book Three: The Test of Ostra (The Brotherhood of Merlin  3)The Brotherhood of Merlin: Book Three: The Test of Ostra (The Brotherhood of Merlin 3) $3.99

Merlin has uncovered the identity of the interloper-Herod Antipaz. With Herod’s latest plan to destroy the Brotherhood foiled by a combination of dumb luck and betrayal, Herod moves on to distance himself from the other conspirators. Slash and burn. Eliminate all who bear witness to his foul deeds. No mercy and no exceptions. 

But it is not enough to fool Gilleon’s beloved son, The Merlin. Merlin’s mission is now two-fold: find enough evidence to bring Herod up on treason charges and protect his protégée, Dante, who is destined to be Gilleon’s salvation. 

But how can Dante become the salvation of Gilleon when his own demons threaten to overtake him? He will have to find a way to push through the torment and persevere-for Dante will be put through an even worse hell at knight Academy-The Test of Ostra.