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Transformation Fantasy Fiction

Astrid Vogel de Johnsson is a South African author and anthropologist now residing in Sweden. In early childhood, she showed an interest in reading and languages--interests which her family encouraged. Astrid started writing her first novel at age 12 and now writes high fantasy, exploring her passion for cultures and languages. She is fluent in five European languages. She is happily married with two adorable children. When she isn't writing, Astrid likes to read, take walks in nature, play silly games with her children, do embroidery, and play music.

Astrid writes transformation fiction: incorporating transformation principles in novels, rather than writing another self-help book. Astrid is also interested in minority group questions, considerations on social standards of beauty and the negative consequences these have, and would like to make the fantasy genre accessible to people of non-white, non-Christian backgrounds. Astrid feels the fantasy genre has become too restrictive with limited representations of race, ethnicity and culture. She seeks to explore other paths on this writing journey, incorporating her background in anthropology and psychology to create engaging experiences which also provide food for thought on the diverse topics she finds most important. These include: racism, minority rights, cultural diversity, culture change, intolerance, humanity's environmental impact and much more.

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This next retelling by Astrid V.J. serves as a prequel to The Siblings' Tale and will release at the end of November 2019.

Aspiring: Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale (Elisabeth and Edvard's World) 

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A coven of witches plots to overthrow a kingdom. One brave woman stands in their way.

At her mother’s death-bed, Elisabeth learns her mother’s illness is no accident and that her own life is in danger. Evil witches are plotting to take over the kingdom of Vendale. All alone, naive, and untrained, Elisabeth’s determination is all she has to confront her mother’s murderers as she discovers love at the same time. While Richard’s behaviour sends distracting mixed messages, Elisabeth finds herself stuck in limbo: she is treated like a child but is forced to make adult decisions. Meanwhile, the witches’ plot spins a fateful web around her.

Can Elisabeth succeed in the face of insurmountable odds?

This is the first part of a two-part story.

The e-book of Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale also includes exclusive access to Nyriana's Musings or The Diary of an Equine Companion. This think piece from Elisabeth's horse's perspective is not intended for publication and is only accessible through this e-book. The link to Nyriana's Musings is embedded in a concealed place. This is a treasure hunt. Good luck!

Becoming: Part 2 of the Siblings' Tale (Elisabeth and Edvard's World)  


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Leaving behind all they know, Elisabeth and her brother, Edvard, flee beyond the mountains.

Elisabeth must break the mind-link her stepmother, Olivia, has forged or else the kingdom of Vendale will fall into ruin while the love of her life becomes a puppet to the witches’ coven. In an attempt to force Elisabeth and Edvard to return, Olivia sends her magic after them, pursuing them with all the force of her power and transforming Edvard into a creature of the forest. Elisabeth succumbs to despair and Edvard sets out to find help. He meets an unexpected deliverer, with whose help the siblings embark on a journey of discovery, learning about the forest and a world they hardly knew existed.

Can Elisabeth break the mind-link? Can Edvard overcome his prejudices? For the sake of Vendale and the home they fled, brother and sister must face their demons, rise to the occasion, and discover how to defeat the witches.

This is the second book in The Siblings' Tale duology. If you would like to know why Elisabeth and Edvard had to flee, you can find out in Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale.

This ebook also includes a treasure hunt. Access to "Aliyah goes home" is embedded somewhere in the ebook. This short story is exclusively accessible to buyers of this ebook and will not be formally published, nor made available anywhere else. Good luck hunting.