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Dark Super Hero Fantasy

Get started on this Super Hero Fantasy for 99c each, or get the first three for $2.99 and get the new release for 99c!

Mina's family told her to write her own bio, something about how she doesn't like dark gritty superhero movies (she doesn't) or tales of the dystopian future, but really, there isn't very much more to say. She's a profoundly boring young adult, and a good Scottish girl who wants to do a job that won't suck out her soul, help her parents to retire, and one day buy her mother a smart car like she always wanted.

About the Series Hero High

An idealistic teen gets the chance to join the cast of her favorite reality TV show where heroes fight villains for the city in prime time.   

Friday Fitzsimmons has worshipped the stars of the Hero Channel since childhood but life at Hero High isn’t quite what she expected. Beneath the glitz and glamour of Icon City, much of the life of Hero High is scripted and many of the villains are outright fakes.   

While many girls would long for her TV wardrobe of designer dresses and life lived in the spotlight, Friday feels lost and alone in the big city but things improve when she’s teamed with Aya, David and Ashley. When her idol, Captain Fantastic is brought down, Friday throws caution to the winds and with her team mates she decides to investigate. Who is the Figure In The Flames? Who will be his next victim and will he expose Friday’s secret, forbidden romance? 

The Hero Channel is a world filled with high fashion and even higher risks as Friday and her teammates battle to save their city and the lives of their friends.

Described by reviewers as “part action, part mystery, part romance”  you can follow Friday's story through the first three short Hero High/Friday Fitzsimmons novels, Denial, Anger and Bargaining or read the whole story in one volume in Hero High: Figure In The Fames. 

If you’d like to know more about Friday’s experiences at Hero High read Hero High: HeartBreak Rebellion

Read each short novel or all three in Hero High: Figure In the Flames

NEW RELEASE - the SEQUEL to Figure in the Flames Boxed set - 400 pages for 99c for a limited time!

Hero High:: Heartbreak Rebellion $0.99

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Fame is the prize, integrity the price.
Can Friday sell out and still be a hero?

As crime and corruption multiply in Icon City, Friday Fitzsimmons faces the most important decisions of her life; celebrity stardom is right there within her grasp, but is the price she’ll pay too high?
Her producers at the Hero Channel have every aspect of Friday’s life mapped out, from what she’ll wear to who she’ll love, but each step on the road to fame is a step too far when Friday discovers the shocking truth behind Hero TV.
Torn between her feelings for the villainous Doctor Dangerous and new team member Luke, can Friday save the city and stop the heartbreak rebellion?
If you enjoyed ‘The Selection’ and the tense action of books like ‘Hunger Games’ you’ll love the Friday Fitzsimmons series; fast paced romantic fantasies laced with ruthless corporate greed, a seductive, sexy, villain and a kickass female protagonist.
Pick-up Heartbreak Rebellion and enjoy Friday Fitzsimmons latest thrilling adventures today


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I have to be brave, they're watching.

I was a pretty normal seventeen-year-old girl, until my dad found out I had powers… He shipped me off to the most famous school for powered people in the world, Hero High.

Now I have to live at the Super Structure, and let cameras follow me round every day. I never knew how many expectations we had for powered people; clothes, personalities, fake romances. It's okay though, I'm making money for the family and besides, my best friend Jake's with me. 

This place is crazy.

There's a guy on fire, running around, menacing the city. To make things worse there's this weirdo in a black suit and mask.

I have to find out who they are, and what they're doing here.

No matter the cost.

Denial is book 1 of the Hero High series, is approximately 150pages long and is set in the near future world of Icon City, a haven for powered one-percenters. 

Anger (Hero High Book 2) $0.99

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I have to be brave, they're watching.

I was an every day part of the Hero Channel's most famous show Hero High, until I met the Figure in the Flames and the copycat Dr Dangerous.

Living at the superstructure is risky and invasive, especially when trying to figure out where two new real super villains come from. I can't let the cameras see what I'm doing, because I'm pretty sure they're in on it, and people are getting hurt.

I can't trust The Hero Channel.

I'm not even sure who the bad guys are anymore. There's too much to keep track of. My hero, Captain Fantastic might actually take me under his wing, if it wasn't for his real mentee Ashley who basically hates me.

Someone's lying to me.

Maybe everyone.

Anger is book 2 in the Hero High series and is set in the near future world of Icon City, a place filled with powered one-percenters.

Bargaining (Hero High Book 3) $1.99

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I have to be brave, they're watching.

Everything's going wrong. My friendship with Jake is falling apart, Dr.Dangerous isn't who I thought he was. People are putting themselves in danger and I don't know what to do. Every move I make to uncover the truth is defeated by forces I can't even see.

I joined the gold team, the producers even like me now, but it feels like I've abandoned everything that makes a good hero, in order to be a good hero.

Despite it all, Captain Fantastic still believes in me, and I can't figure out why.

But I won't give up.

This Friday Fitzsimmons story,  is book 3 in the Hero High series and is set in the near future world of Icon City, a place filled with powered one-percenters.

Read the first three Friday Fitzsimmons novels in order:


or read them all together in one volume, Hero High: Figure In The Flames

Hero High: Figure In the Flames $2.99

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One in a Thousand People on Planet Earth Have Supernatural Powers.

Friday Fitzsimmons is just trying to keep her family business afloat when she discovers a dormant power she didn’t even know she possessed.

Forced to train at a school for the supernaturally gifted, she’s thrust into the glamour of Icon City, a haven for those with powers. The citizens tune in every day to watch their own reality TV channel where good fights evil for the city’s soul.

Friday, like hundreds of other “gifted” students, takes part in the show, but not everyone choses to use their powers for good, like the mysterious masked boy Friday keeps seeing, or the man on fire who calls himself The Figure In The Flames.

Struggling to support her family while coming to terms with her own guilt, Friday finally falls in love, but as events unravel she is forced to question her heart more than once. This may just be her chance to prove herself, but it’s not that simple.

It never is, is it?