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Urban Fantasy with Sexy Alphas

USA Today bestselling author Nadine Travers writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. The maker of the Supernatural Intelligence Agency World. Her world, kick off the unforgettable world with sexy alphas and femme fatale leading woman.

After this year in 2019, she will be adding on to the S.I.A. World featuring a badass warrior witch that doesn't take no for an answer. That new series will be called the Witch Warrior Series.

Nadine lives north of Montreal Quebec Canada with her husband, two kids, and four cats. She has a black belt in karate but she's not the only one for her family has one too. Her top-secret weakness is chocolate, specifically the chocolate covered chocolate truffles.

You can join the S.I.A. World at

Blood Rebellion (Supernatural Intelligence Agency Book 1) $0.99

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN

It sucks being a daywalker but I've got a vampire to catch.

A rogue vampire is on the loose, and it’s Casey’s mission to drag him back to Vampire Internal Affairs headquarters to face justice. It’s a job only a daywalker like her can handle, and she’s the best there is.

While tracking down Damaris, Casey uncovers a new threat within the supernatural community that makes no sense, and she teams up with the SIA (Supernatural Intelligence Agency) to help her solve the mystery and bring Damaris to justice.

But things keep getting deeper and muddier, and as she unveils a decade-old conspiracy, she discovers more secrets than she was expecting and one that will change her life forever.

Damaris calls it a rebellion. It seems that some in the paranormal community are fed-up with the factions dividing the different species, and they are ready to destroy everything in order to shift the balance of power.

With the combined powers of her supernatural crew, she only has one chance to discover the true villain—but is she willing to risk it all in a dangerous game?

This is a paranormal detective series/supernatural thriller for readers who like thriller-based urban fantasy with snarky heroines who won't give up on her mission.

The Seal of Solomon: A Lilandra Reeves Adventure (Supernatural Intelligence Agency Book 2) $0.99

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN

Someone wants to control the demon. With the Seal of Solomon, He magically called the witch warrior specialist, Lilandra Reeves.

Lilandra needs to travel to Vancouver, the seal call for a rescue. In, one of her past mission when wrong which her fated mate got kill helping her. After his death, she devoted herself to the coven.

The werewolf Donovan tries to make a deal with her. He promises the head of the organization could bring her mate back to life. If she helps them to bring the seal at his Lady, rather the coven.

Why a group of different factions needs those magical objects? Will Lilandra get herself tempting with the promise of her fated mate back to her?