What It Is - (PLAY SLOTS and check it out!)

  • Readers get FIVE credits every day to play the slot machine. 
  • Upon entering, they're asked to pick a book for which they'd like to play.
  • After that, if they match the symbols on the game, they win the book they've chosen.
  • They have to sign in to play, and their email will be shared with the author of the book they chose to play for, whether they win or not.
How the AXP Slot Machine Works for Authors
  • You sign up  and offer a book you can give away for free for one week. This can be a permafree, BookFunnel, a book about to be free on Amazon, or just a book you don't mind gifting. It doesn't have to be free the WHOLE week - you can gift the winners at the end of the week if you prefer that to providing a link. (PAID VERSION ONLY - FREE version must provide link for player immediate download)
  • Your book gets exposure on the game.
  • You get the emails of the people who play for your book (they've expressed an interest in it!) PAID VERSION ONLY
  • You get new readers through the gifting.
  • You can send an email to the people who played for your book letting them know about specials, gift ALL of them if you like - whatever marketing you'd like to do with this highly engaged reader audience! PAID VERSION ONLY

Book Slot Machine

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