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Have an unusual or urgent request? Wish you had a collection of readers who worked for you? AXP now has an Elite Reader Squad that you can tap into any time you need them!


  • You need reviews. The elite squad works like AXPs regular Read & Reviews, following the same rules to comply with Amazon, but these reviews are guaranteed. I'll match you with ten readers - at least 8 reviews guaranteed or I'll get you more reviewers. If you'd like more you can come back to request more until I'm out of people willing to read! AXP does all the work for this review program - you don't have to hunt down readers who didn't review.
  • You need AUDIO book reviews (you must supply the file/coupon)
  • You have a unique book you don't trust with just any reader. You need a very specific reader.
  • You're in a contest and need support.
  • You want to poll a large group of people about a book you've written or are writing.

My Elite Reader Squad knows not to take a mission unless they can complete it, and they're over 1000 strong! If you have a special or unusual need, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll figure out what can be done! Feel free to bounce anything off me!