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  • Daily Deal Newsletter - sent to 100k+ Readers Every Day!

    The AXP version of the classic "Daily Deal" newsletter - like Bookbub, etc. with a few twists! Have your deal sent to 75,000+ readers!
    $10 Usable for Amazon Countdown Deals, specials, new releases, KU or even personal newsletter/Book Funnel promotions! You'll also be featured on our AXP BOOKS Daily Deal Page
  • 99c/Free/KU Book Fair

    Genre-themed weekly book sale where authors work together to SELL MORE BOOKS!
    $10 99c/Free/KU Book Fair Participating authors share the event with their readers to bring mobs to the page! Sale also benefits from giveaway traffic and advertising
  • Series/Author Spotlight

    A Daily Deal newsletter mailing...Except it is all about YOU and your Promotion/Series/Books!
    $30 OFF - USUALLY $95! AXP creates a newsletter featuring your books (you'll be sent the mock-up before sending for approval) See examples of some past features here Most genres have at least 45k readers! You can pick multiple genres!
  • Book Launch Marketing

    Let AXP create a custom marketing package for your next launch.
    $120-$1000 Packages for pros (the best AXP marketing options bundled at a discount for launch), for those who would like some advice as well, and for those who want a full introduction to best/most successful launch practices.
  • Build a Street Team

    Build a Facebook-based author Street Team that will be there to support you with reviews, input and help throughout your career!
    $100 Help setting up your team page on Facebook A header graphic for your street team FB page A gaggle of new street team members eager to help Help every step of the way and beyond
  • Promote Your Giveaway

    Having a giveaway of your own? Promote it on AuthorsXP to our reader audience!
    $60+ You create the giveaway - we promote! $60 Need us to create the graphics? Want to use our Gleam and help you plan the event? $150
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