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  • Daily Deals

    The AXP version of the classic "Daily Deal" newsletter - like Bookbub, etc. with a few twists! Have your deal sent to 60,000+ readers!
    $10 Usable for Amazon Countdown Deals, specials, new releases, KU or even personal newsletter/Book Funnel promotions! You'll also be featured on our AXP BOOKS Daily Deal Page
  • Series/Author Spotlight

    A Daily Deal newsletter mailing...Except it is all about YOU and your Series/Books!
    $95 AXP creates a newsletter featuring your books (you'll be sent the mock-up before sending for approval) See examples of some past features here Will be mailed to the readers of genres of your choice
  • Free Book Blaster-Builder

    Get a dedicated mailing to our genre-specific mailing list featuring your FREE BOOK. Readers will be encouraged to sign up to your newsletter to get the book.
    $60 Gain Followers AND Readers! Great for combining with other freebie promos & Amazon free days. Give your book a ranking boost
  • Book Fair

    Genre-themed book sale that parallels the Mailing List Builder. Entrants are sent to the Book Fair after entering---that means a steady stream of genre-specific fans sent to buy/download your book!
    Read FAQ
    $10 For FREE and 99c books You can use free "bait books" to send people to your newsletter sign up to use the Fair as a personal list builder. Expose your book to hundreds of interested readers
  • Newsletter Swap Club

    Post your upcoming promotions for other authors to use in their newsletters, and grab promos from other authors for your own to increase your newsletter's value to readers! Already Joined? Post a book.
    $5 Swap readers with other authors Increase your newsletter follower retention rate by providing value Not tit-for-tat --- use what books work for you. If someone uses your book, you're under no obligation to use theirs.
  • Book Launch Marketing

    Let AXP create a custom marketing package for your next launch.
    $200-$1000 Packages for pros (the best AXP marketing options bundled at a discount for launch), for those who would like some advice as well, and for those who want a full introduction to best/most successful launch practices.
  • Build a Street Team

    Build a Facebook-based author Street Team that will be there to support you with reviews, input and help throughout your career!
    $100 Help setting up your team page on Facebook A header graphic for your street team FB page A gaggle of new street team members eager to help Help every step of the way and beyond
  • Promote Your Giveaway

    Having a giveaway of your own? Promote it on AuthorsXP to our reader audience!
    $60+ You create the giveaway - we promote! $60 Need us to create the graphics? Want to use our Gleam and help you plan the event? $150
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The WEEKLY DEALS is a weekly digest email sent to readers signed up for the genre of your choice. This mailing uses a different sending engine than the Daily Deal itself, so some readers who miss the Daily Deal for whatever reason (spam filters, timing, vacations...) may get this mailing. (And if they get both, even better! we all know the data about how people often need to see things multiple times before they react...)

Double the coverage, double the reminders to grab your deal!

Mailing goes out EARLY on Wednesdays and covers that Wed until the next Wed. So if your deal is on a Tuesday only and you submit it the Monday before - that won't work for the weekly mailing. But if you submit on Monday for a Daily Deal on Tuesday, and your book is on sale Tues-Thurs, for example, then you're good - Daily Deal will go out on Tuesday and you'll be included in the Weekly Deals on Wed. showing the end of your sale on Thursday.

The Most Powerful Marketing


The most powerful weapon in the AXP arsenal - can generate hundreds of sales/downloads. Each mailing custom designed for you, featuring all your books/audio, short bio and any special promotions you'd like to include.

You'll also get a permanent spot like this in the AXP "Discover Series" library.

I personally do one of these with every new book launch --- usually with the first book in my series and the new book on sale. It crushes every time!

Spotlight Ad

I'll create an ad for you that will run at the top of the Book Fair page - the page people are sent to after they enter the giveaway.

Not only will you get more exposure, but you can keep the ad!

Push a free, 99c or full price book - whatever you need promoting. Doesn't have to be the same book in the giveaway!

Rando Coupon


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