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  • #1 Program! Mailing List Builder

    Gain on average 500-3000 new genre-specific reader emails for your personal author newsletter list!
    $55 + Three eBooks Week-long Genre Specific Giveaway Events All participating authors help promote the event to their current followers At the end of the event, you get the list of all entrant emails
  • Free Book Blaster-Builder

    Get a dedicated mailing to our genre-specific mailing list featuring your FREE BOOK. Readers will be encouraged to sign up to your newsletter to get the book.
    $60 Gain Followers AND Readers! Great for combining with other freebie promos & Amazon free days. Give your book a ranking boost
  • Free Book Slot Machine

    Super-fun slot machine where readers can win books - you keep the emails of readers requesting your book for SUPER targeted list building. Tons of exposure as well!
    $25 for one week of exposure/list building Your email list includes readers who SPECIFICALLY played for your book Build your newsletter list and expose your book to all the players At the end, email all players any special offer you like!
  • Gain Followers on 10 Social Media Sites

    Gain followers on 10 different social media sites from Bookbub to Amazon to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your own personal newsletter. You pick the followers you want, AXP runs an event to attract followers for you. Great way to get that coveted 1000 followers on Bookbub and expand your Amazon reach.

    See an example of the Gain Follower events!
    $40 = Approx. 200 Followers You sign up and help promote the gift card giveaway with other authors in your group through your social media/newsletter.
    That's all there is for you to do - the AXP community of readers does the rest!
    $35 more to add additional sites!
  • Use Daily Deals for List Building

    The AXP version of the classic "Daily Deal" newsletter - can also be used as a mailing list builder! Have your "bait book" opportunity sent to thousands readers!
    $30 Submit a link to your newsletter signup promising a free download INSTEAD of sending people to Amazon. Great way to get followers without participating in a Mailing List Builder giveaway.
  • Build a Street Team

    Build a Facebook-based author Street Team that will be there to support you with reviews, input and help throughout your career!
    $100 Help setting up your team page on Facebook A header graphic for your street team FB page A gaggle of new street team members eager to help Help every step of the way and beyond
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...I was very pleased with my initial involvement with axp. Got over a 1000 names and over 40% open rate on my first mailing to them. This is one of the few promo schemes I've seen that actually works. Great job. ~ Lin Robinson