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Max RedfordMax Redford

Like most folks I was born, but from then on things got strange. Raised on Vienna sausage, potted meat and fried bologna. At a young age I got exposed to high levels of southern-fried weirdness that forced me into using comics, fantasy & science-fiction novels and video games to self-medicate against the symptoms of reality. 

I started writing while still developing as a fetus - I owe all that amniotic fluid swirling around my little naked body as being the greatest influence to my creative process. 

Today I reside in the dungeon of a cardboard castle - with my wife and three step-sons - where I paste newspaper clippings to the wall with spit in order to create storyboards for novels of fantasy, horror, science-fiction, and sometimes homo-robotic fictional memoirs. 

As an added extra bonus for the fans: The thing I fear the most are those paintings of the giant squid (Kraken) wrapping its tentacles around an entire ship. Thats' a freaky image, man.

Lita Stone writes unapologetic romances with tactful realism. Her books deal with dark but realistic hardships, flawed but authentic characters, and most importantly, her books tell stories of love--a love that is faltering but pure. 

'Sweet romances' are not in Lita's spectrum. She lives with her characters in the real world, ie.....Smalltown, USA, where the beer is cold, the whiskey is Tennessean and the sex is hot. 

Follow her on YouTube or here

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"I've read Books One and Two back to back and I can't stop now! Great series. Nothing else like it."

"The character development from the first book is thought provoking with the characters questioning their moral values. The plot has continued to grow and develop. I can not wait for the next book. A must read!" 

"I loved it! I know, it gets a little rough and rowdy sometimes, but that just adds to the overall feeling of the story. I'm a grandmother and I'm looking forward to reading the next book to find out what happens!"

That is what this is, adult and dark and disturbing. I was disturbed in ways I haven't been since opening my very first Stephen King back in high school. If that is what you are looking for, please pick this up. Good writing is getting hard to find." 


Number of the Beast: Paladin Cycle Number of the Beast: Paladin Cycle FREE!

An Epic Supernatural Thriller That Not Only Bends Space-and-Time But Also Genres

When a cosmic war brews between the Zodiac races and their gods, the life of a young waitress from small-town Texas becomes the key to saving or destroying the multiverses. And all hope may depend on a young warrior from a secret faction that has been fighting against cosmic evils since the fall of Soddom and Gomorrah. 

Set in Contemporary USA, this epic supernatural thriller series crosses multiple genres including fantasy, mystery thriller, horror, erotica and romance with seamless transitions. And features a sprawling ensemble cast of all ages, races, and even species. It is genuine Fiction with all the genre trimmings thwarted.

=== WARNINGS: ===
Reader Discretion Is Advised!
Mature content: adult language, graphic (sometimes twisted) sex, gore and violence.

This is book one of the Paladin Cycle series. These ARE NOT stand alone books. 

Note To Potential Readers: If you are not accustomed to multiple third-person narratives and non-linear storytelling then this series may not be suitable for your preferences. If you read epic narratives involving an ensemble cast of characters with multiple intertwining story lines then you should feel at home. 


Reckoning of the Beast: Paladin Cycle Reckoning of the Beast: Paladin Cycle $3.99

Welcome back to Buckeye, Texas, ya'll! 

This use to be sweet, sweet home . . . but look around now! Place is going straight down the crapper! Might could say the place is goin' to Hell...
Amy's getting released from the hospital, but the strange gemstone in her chest still remains pulsing and vibrant. 

Atticus is behind bars soon to be brought up on felony charges of impersonating an officer, and several counts of manslaughter . . . but he's about to gain a beautiful and sassy partner in crime before going on the run from the long arm of the law. 

Meanwhile, Elder Rayden Cai is stirring up trouble of his own in the Order of Abel compound -- too much gypsy brandy perhaps.

The special forces of the Paladins - The Aconites - have arrived at the Order of Abel under Prefect Cauldrick's executive request. But is he sending these elite warriors to their death on a mission that prophecy says only the Twin Warriors can lay victory to? 

And that crazy Cajun Abe . . . he seems to know more than he's lettin' on. Why exactly does he wander the Sacred Oaks woods at all hours of the night? 

Poor, poor Scooter is about to learn the true identity of his one and only friend Zack, and their bonds will be tighter than ever. 

THE WAR OF THE COSMOS is about to begin . . . 

And some new out-of-this-world characters are about to join the fray . . .