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Paranormal Thriller Series


Killarney Traynor is a writer, singer, actor, and history buff who decided that she wanted to write books as soon as she was old enough to start reading them. A resident of New Hampshire, she works at an insurance brokerage by day, and writes her novels by night. Her books, Summer Shadows and Necessary Evil, reflects her love of local culture, history, and long summer days.

When Killarney isn't writing, she can be found day-dreaming about faraway places, watching old movies, reading long books while drinking too much tea, working with local film company Narrow Street Films, exploring local attractions, or getting lost in Boston.

Welcome to The Encounter Series

A place where the weird, the unnatural, and the supernatural are alive and well and one question stands above the rest: Who will survive?

Tale Half Told (The Encounter Series Book 1)Tale Half Told (The Encounter Series Book 1) $0.99

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On December 23, 1946, Charles Reynolds murdered his pregnant wife in a houseful of party-goers, then committed suicide. Neither the house nor the powerful Reynolds family have ever recovered.

Twenty-five years later, a car crash forces four friends to stay overnight in the abandoned Reynolds house. Married couple Michael and Susan Wright, nurse Linda Vincent, and her brother, Vietnam vet and PTSD sufferer Johnny Vincent, are too smart to believe in the supernatural, but they might have a change of mind. The car crash wasn't an accident: Johnny, Linda, Michael, and Susan have been chosen as pawns in a deadly battle of wills.

As the darkness falls, each will be tested - fighting not only for their lives, but for their sanity.

Universal Threat (The Encounter Series Book 2)Universal Threat (The Encounter Series Book 2) $0.99

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Three Teens. One Hiking Trip. One Huge Problem.

All high school student Heather Miller wants is a chance to make a big impression on Jeff Levinson, the awkward/genius new kid in school. Taking him hiking in the White Mountains with her cool older brother, part-time park ranger Nick, seems like a great idea... until they discover a strange ship, crash-landed in the middle of nowhere.

Aliens have landed. They are bigger, faster, stronger, and have nothing to lose and no one to fear. Stranded in the mountains, miles from civilization, Heather, Jeff, and Nick are the only ones that can save Earth from invasion - if they can survive long enough to get back home.

'Universal Threat' is a nostalgic sci-fi adventure set in the 1980s, written by and for Twilight Zone fans. Best read outdoors by campfire.