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AXP Book Marketing Services & Plans

Free Membership


Required for reviewing/adding services to the author resources area. Ignore "duration" - this membership is lifetime membership. This membership is largely only for book reviewers, book promoterss, artists, editors, etc. who would like to list their businesses in the resource area.

Mailing List Promotion Event


Sign up here for the now famous Mailing List Building Giveaway event!  Gain hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of genre specific reader emails to add to your own mailing list!

Read-Review & Street Team Building


Choose this to add a book to the Read & Review Program. Good for 40 requests (or until you request removal). Number of actual reviews received is not guaranteed - but you are able to communicate with the readers, so you can do your best to let them know how much you'd love a review. You can read all about the Read & Review Program here!

Also consider  R&R PRO Membership - Get up to THREE books for THREE months in the Read & Review and unlimited review requests.

Also consider ELITE READERS SQUAD - Costs a bit more, but you get guaranteed reviews and the chance to work with some of our most devoted readers.

Elite Reader Squad


Have an unusual or urgent request? Wish you had a collection of readers who worked for you? AXP now has an Elite Reader Squad that you can tap into any time you need them!


  • You need reviews. The elite squad works like AXPs regular Read & Reviews, following the same rules to comply with Amazon, but these reviewers are more reliable. I'll match you with ten quality readers - 80% return rate guaranteed. If you'd like more you can come back to request more until I'm out of people willing to read!
  • You have a unique book you don't trust with just any reader. You need a very specific reader.
  • You need audio book reviews.
  • You're in a contest and need support.
  • You want to poll a large group of people about a book you've written or are writing.

R&R Pro Membership



3 Books in the Read & Review program for 3 months with unlimited requests during that time. (usually $25 per book for 40 requests)

Great for getting a steady stream of free book requests to introduce readers to series, get reviews or build street teams.

Beta Reader Program


You can read all about the Beta Reader Program here!

In short, we get you in touch with avid readers willing to read your book and share their comments, suggestions and notes!

Reader Survey & Polls


On the fence about something you're writing?  Wish you could bounce two cover possibilities off of thousands of readers? Just looking for an excuse to bump your free downloads during an Amazon freebee promo?

With AuthorsXP.com new POLL service, you can poll thousands of readers about whatever you like, build your mailing list/street team!

Daily Deal


Add your book to our Daily Deal machine and pick the day we send it to our readers!

Social Media Subscription


This plan offers you two great services! Subscription is good for ONE MONTH.

1. Send your Tweets and Facebook posts to us and we'll post them on the AXP social media accounts within 24 hours!

2. Post your events to our GIVEAWAYS page to get the word out about Amazon, GoodReads, Multi-Author or other giveaways!



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