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What you do:

  • STEP ONE: Join an upcoming genre-specific event.
  • STEP TWO: Add your book to the AuthorsXP Library (if it isn't in there already-you'll need to be signed up and logged in first. This way AXP can also provide contest entrants more inforamtion on your book, like a link to Amazon.)
  • STEP THREE: Shortly before the start of your event, you'll be provided with promotional graphics/content to send to your current mailing list. 
  • STEP FOUR: PROMOTE the giveaway by sending a notice to your mailing list, using your social media, etc.
  • STEP FIVE: Gift the three winners an ebook! 

Done! Now you have hundreds if not thousands of new followers!


  • AXP runs a theme/genre-specific giveaway event for readers, featuring authors who have signed up to be in the event.
  • Emails collected during this event are then given to the participating authors. Example of a live event:
  • The event features 10+ authors (usually more like 30) from a particular genre so the emails are from readers who will appreciate THAT genre.
  • Events are one week long.
  • Total book cost to author: 3 eBOOKS. Authors send ONE eBOOK (not paperback) to each grand prize winner and ONE to the winner of their individual book. 
  • Your book does NOT have to be free or discounted at the time of the event. Better it isn't! Who wants to win something already free? :)
  • If you do have a free or discounted book, you can add it to the AXP BOOK FAIR which pushes discounted books to giveaway entrants after they enter!

What you get:

  1. A copy of the full email list of subscribers to add to your own email lists.
  2. New social media followers.
  3. A permanent listing for your book(s) on
  4. The full support of AXP every step of the way - worried you won't be able to figure out how to add the promotion to your mailing? AXP is here for you!
  5. Your novel exposed to tons of new readers!

Why AXP Events Are Awesome

  • Super easy to participate
  • Huge lists
  • Readers sign up to win books! NOT MONEY OR GIFTS. This means entries are from readers, not people who just want cash.

Privacy Concerns

  • Authors do not "donate" their mailing list  - they only promote the giveaway to their list. It's up to readers on each list to decide if they want to enter.
  • There is a note on the giveaway entry form so entrants understand they're sharing their email with all the participating authors.



Mailing List Promotion Event


Sign up here for the now famous Mailing List Building Giveaway event!  Gain hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of genre specific reader emails to add to your own mailing list!


These are the upcoming MAILING LIST BUILDER & corresponding BOOK FAIR events, but you can sign up for any category and you'll be included when that event happens!

27-2 Christian/Wholesome
3-9 Series Event (Promote Whole Series!)
10-16 Womens Fiction
17-23 Paranormal Thrillers
24-30 Audio Books
1-7 Horror
8-14 Romantic Suspsense
15-21 Literary/General
22-28 Humor
29-June 4 Fantasy-Urban Fantasy
5- 11 Regency-Historic Romances
12-18 Steamy Romances
19-25 Science Fiction
26- July 2 Action Adventure/Men's Fiction
3-9 BEACH READS - Kindle Giveaway Event!
10-16 Cozy Mysteries
17-23 Mystery Crime/Thriller/Suspense
24-30 Sweet Romances