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Sun Shed

After his home in the valley is vandalized Alistair sits waiting at his kitchen table armed with a cache of regrets and a shotgun. Soon he will meet Liri, a young woman who lives in the shadows of his distant past. Set beneath a boundless prairie sky, Sun Shed tethers the wilderness of the 1870s to the drought and poverty of the 1930s and brings to life characters honed from the harsh realities of the times. It is the story of freedom lost for the Indian of the plains and of freedom hard-earned by the pioneer. It is the story of Bronwyn who survives the dark, raw violence of a new land to create a sanctuary of light in remembrance of the fortunes and misfortunes of her life.

Category Romance Western
Author:Lee Thomas Ward
Usual Price4.95
Sweetheart of the Wagon Train

Katherine – Kat, Laslow’s life is in ruins, her farm has been destroyed during the American Civil War. She is now homeless, penniless and widowed without family or friends. Kat sets out to Independence, Missouri to join a wagon train of mail-order brides heading West. There is just one problem – her age... Apparently, she is too old to join the young girls that hope to find husbands in Montana. She manages to talk her way into joining the wagon train, by agreeing to teach the young girls the skills needed to attract a husband. Wagon Master, Cade Lawrence feels sure that she is just a spoiled lady from the south who will not be able to take the hardships of the trail. He lets her know exactly what he thinks of her, all the while fighting off the deep attraction he feels for her. Will Kat find her way into the heart of this surly, handsome man and prove to him that she is capable of far more than he ever dreamed of? Can Cade give in to his feelings and finally admit to himself that he might be able to let a woman become a part of his life?

Category Romance Western
Author:Rosalee Adams
Usual Price0.99
Solitary Horseman

Brought together by bad luck and cruel twists of fate, Callum and Banner become partners to save their ranches -- even as they lose their hearts to each other. Their relationship is tested by the scars of war and the bitterness of a country still divided.

Category Romance Western
Author:Deborah Camp
Usual Price2.99

The Legendary Warriors, Book 3 Kali Wallace has no room in her busy life for marriage. Instead, she is following her father into a photography career, striving to capture the beauty of the Wild West and its vanishing Indian cultures before they both disappear forever. Montana’s Blackfeet country is everything she could have dreamed—and more. At night a handsome man gently invades her sleep. Their nightly encounters become more and more real until one bright morning, she is startled to find everything has changed. Lawyer by profession, Blackfeet by blood, Clay Soaring Eagle is determined to do everything in his power—legally and spiritually—to save his people’s way of life. He trusts no one of the white race, and hopes that once Kali’s task is done, she will leave and take temptation with her. The spirits have their own plan. As their passion burns with a brightness that rivals the stars, Clay and Kali are aware that it can never last…unless they find a way to make their two worlds come together as one. This book has been previously published. Warning: Sensuous Romance that contains soul-stirring dreams, passionate unions, and a mountain-top quest that will leave you hungry to see these two lovers get their happily ever.

Category Romance Western
Author:Karen Kay
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Usual Price4.99
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