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Apply for the Linda Rey "Nerdy Girl" Street Team!

Linda is looking to create a Facebook-based street team to help promote the Middle Grade "Nerdy Girl" novels!

Links to current book on Amazon

There will be “Diary” series of books, as well as “Nerdy Novels” in the overall series.

The first book in the diary series, TOP SECRET: Diary #1 is out now.

NERDY EVER AFTER: A Nerdy Novel, book 1, goes “LIVE” with the ebook on Friday, November 17th. The paperback and audio should be ready in the next 7 days as well. All the Nerdy Girl books will be available in ebook, paperback, and audio books.

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Linda Rey was born with the voice of an angel and a brain so amazing she’ll probably donate it to science. To hear her mother tell it, Linda was just your average kid with an overactive imagination and a knack for storytelling.

Linda writes books for teens and tweens as author “Linda Rey” as a way to complicate her life and to connect with younger readers. Specializing in “fish out of water” stories because of a childhood illness that left Linda isolated for a time, Linda champions the outsiders. When asked what she hopes readers will take away from her Confessions of a Nerdy Girl series for middle grade readers, Linda says she’d like children to discover it’s not as important to fit IN—as it is to stand OUT.

When she’s not channeling her youth by penning stories for girls, Linda writes romantic comedy and books for women as author Linda Cousine, the middle-aged (assuming she lives to be 116) grandma of 7, (but a cool grandma who has a Harley motorcycle, and a tattoo on her wrist that says Believe). All the Lindas live in Orange County, California, with their shared husband and a dog named Dude.

What's a street team?

A street team helps an author hype his or her book. They come in especially handy during giveaways and new book launches.

  • They promote the author and his/her books on social media
  • Review advanced copies on Amazon, GoodReads and other book retailers
  • Help spread the word in groups the author can't access (authors usually aren't allowed to promote their own books in reader groups)

In short, the street team helps spread the word about the author and his/her books!

What does the Street Team get for their efforts?

Street team members get first access to new releases, entries in special "team only" giveaways and other perks. They also get access to a private Facebook page dedicated to the Street Team. In general, the author tries to make being a team member FUN.

Do you have to genuinely love the author/series?

It certainly helps. :)

Interested in Joining this Street Team?

Just fill out the form on the right as best you can - don't worry about right or wrong answers! 


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