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An elite squad of readers ready for fun special offers & reviews.

The elite reader squad is for readers with a sense of purpose - Readers who really want to help!

You don't have to do every (or any) mission, but if you choose to participate please complete your mission!


  1. To join, request any Elite Reader Read and Review book. 
  2. The book will then be available in you Elite Reader Dashboard.
  3. When you're done reading and have left a review on Amazon and/or other places like GoodReads, BN and Bookbub, visit your Elite Reader Dashboard for download. NOTE: May take 24 hours to appear.  
  4. You'll get a weekly newsletter of FREE books available for review PLUS the occasional special mission or request (sometimes with perks and bonuses)!
  5. Mark your books reviewed to get more books!
  6. NO OBLIGATIONS. Hate a book? Just mark it "not reviewing" and move on!
  7. Be sure NOT to say "received in EXCHANGE for review" or your review will be removed from Amazon. Just "received for free" works fine! No obligation to review, but it is VERY much appreciated.

I didn't get a book I requested.

Check your Elite Reader Dashboard.  This is also where you can find all the book you've requested for download. It won't appear until the morning after the day you requested it (the lists refresh nightly).

I didn't like the books I got and now I don't get anymore.

When ELITE REVIEWERS have five books "checked out" they no longer receive new books from new authors. To correct this, mark books you reviewed off as you review them in your Elite Reader Dashboard.  You can mark books in the dashboard off as "NOT REVIEWING" this will close that book and clear slots for new books. You do NOT have to read or review a requested book if you hate it! 

An author asked me to buy his/her book and now I'm turned off on the whole thing.

This is FORBIDDEN. If an author tells you you have to buy their book to review. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

My reviews are being pulled off Amazon and I'm scared to do read and review.

Remember! Be sure NOT to say "received in EXCHANGE for review" or your review will be removed from Amazon. Just "received for free" works fine!