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I need an elite squad of readers I can count on for special assignments.

The elite reader squad is for readers with a sense of purpose - Readers who really want to help!

SECRET MISSIONS will be posted to the secret mission page. The link to this page will be provided to Elite Readers Only.

You don't have to do every (or any) mission, but if you choose to participate in a particular event, you must complete your mission. Three strikes and you're out! (if you have a good excuse, it won't count as a strike - I understand sometimes life throws curveballs.)


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Opportunities to work with authors and be a superstar!

I'd Like to Join the AXP Elite Reader Squad!

(because I don't like to brag, but I'm kinda awesome.)

By joining you'll be sent books free by authors hoping you'll review them. Your email will be shared with the author.