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Author Wren St. Claire Wants Your Input on The Exile: Gods of Egypt!

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Even gods fall in love. Except Djet, a 4000 year old powerful shape changing sorcerer, who manages to so enrage his sister Hathor, the goddess of love, with his ignorance of matters of the heart, she strips him of his powers and locks him in a tomb. 

Audrey Delany is a student at the American University in Cairo, majoring in Papyrology and flunking out in love, because she has a fatal attraction to violent men...

When these two wind up working together in the dungeon of the Cairo Museum, sparks fly in more ways than one, because Djet is trapped, powerless and dying in a future he doesn't understand, unless he can figure out how to break the curse of his Exile he will perish and his world descend into Chaos….

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