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Author Amy Vansant Wants Your ROMANCE Feedback!

One of the first books I wrote was Slightly Stalky (see it on Amazon) a romantic comedy that skews a little younger (the leads are in their late twenties and my humor is a little madcap.) There at that age where they're looking for "the one" and dating around, going to bars, etc.

The fans I have for this book are REALLY fans, so I decided to write a sequel (as I'd originally intended before I was distracted by other series!). 

Problem is, I could go in a few different directions, so I thought I'd ask for romance reader feedback. I feel like the original book falls into a bit of a gray area, and I'd like to tighten up the audience to figure out how to write and market the next book.

  • It's clean, but not UTTERLY clean. There's some light cursing and same fade-to-black sexy stuff. (This got me in trouble when the old cover implied it was super cozy and I ended up getting a batch of bad reviews from people who didn't like that the characters met in a bar... have sexy-time out of wedlock, etc.) I can't go back and revisit all of it, so if you're a strict "wholesome" reader, this isn't the book for you. 
  • I consider this book a REAL romance. No sexy billionaires. No lonely cowboys with hearts of gold. Real people a little rough around the edges sometimes, with insecurities, moral confusions, and who sometimes say things like "no sh*t." 
  • It seems like every other romance book, even under Romantic Comedy on Amazon, is a shirtless, full-blown sex novel, but I don't think I want to turn this series into that.
  • Problem is - that puts me between a rock and a hard place! (All wholesome all the time vs sex sex and more sex)
  • Because the first book ends with a happy ending, it also leaves me wondering if a series can sustain when the leads are already a couple. Do I whip the rug out from them?

So my questions are below, and I'd love your feedback. If you'd love a copy of Slightly Stalky to read so you could offer even better feedback, just let me know below!! 

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