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Classic Contemporary Romance From Ann Major

Ann Major is the USA Today bestselling author of the Texas: Children of Destiny, Golden Spurs and the Lone Star Dynasty series. She has written over seventy books for Silhouette, Harlequin, Mira, Dell and Major Press.

Nora Roberts has described Ann Major's work thusly: "Engaging characters, stories that thrill and delight, shivering suspense and captivating romance." Sandra Brown says, "Her name on the cover instantly identifies the book as a good read." The Romantic Times has said, "No one provides hotter emotional fireworks than the fiery Ann Major."

A founding board member of the Romance Writers of America, Ann is a frequent speaker at writers' conferences.

A native of South Texas, Ann loves to write hot steamy romances, and they often feature cowboys. She holds an M.A. in English and Spanish from Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas.

Besides writing, Ann enjoys her husband, her grown children, her grandchildren, her cats, paddle-boarding, kayaking, hiking, and sailboat racing. Everything she does inspires her to write.

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Love With An Imperfect Cowboy FREE!

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When a rough-cut Texas cowboy haunted by his past saves a Park Avenue bride on the run, opposites attract in a big, Texas way in USA Today Bestselling Ann Major's Love with an Imperfect Cowboy.

Should she? Or shouldn’t she?

Hannah Lewis never imagined she’d run from her own magnificent, Upper East Side wedding. Born and bred in a penthouse on Park Avenue, she excels at everything - except maybe juggling a career, planning a wedding and paying attention to her fiancé. But couldn't he have chosen another day to cheat with her twin sister? Now Hannah's headed as far away as she can get from New York and her public humiliation. No one will expect to find her at a dude ranch in Lonesome, Texas … but just maybe she can find herself there.

Liam Stark is trying to hold it together on the anniversary of the worst night of his life. When a stuck-up beauty walks into the Lonesome Dove Bar, full of rough truckers and ranch-hands, she's trouble in red cowgirl boots--trouble that Liam doesn't need. Especially when he offers her safe haven from a storm on his ranch, and she stirs up memories he'd give anything to forget. Liam has lost too many people he loved--his wife and son on a dangerous stretch of Texas highway, and men under his command in the Afghan conflict. This beauty will be gone in a New York minute as well … unless he asks her to stay.

Attraction flames between them, hot as the Texas sun. But when their pasts cause problems, can they trust each other enough to believe they can share a future?

Love with an Imperfect Lawman: Lone Star Dynasty Short Story Duet - 99c!

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Need a coffee break? Read a short story from USA Today bestselling author Ann Major’s LONE STAR DYNASTY series.
In these twin poignant, emotional tales, lonely lovers with wounded hearts are offered a second chance at once-in-a-lifetime love.


Does she really have to say goodbye again?

When Jess Stark returns home to Lonesome, Texas to attend a wedding, one dance with the handsome cowboy she left behind, and the bright city lights and her career as a journalist don’t seem nearly as compelling as Hector's hot black eyes.

Emily was much too practical to believe in love at first sight…except in her dreams
Lost and afraid on a lonely dark road in South Texas, the last thing recently-jilted Emily DeLeon is looking for is love when she stops to help a wounded lawman lying face down in a pool of blood in front of his patrol car.
No way can she leave him to die.

When Sheriff Homer Gonzales regains consciousness the next day, he remembers an angel with beautiful brown eyes. He doesn’t know if she’s real, but if she is, he has to find her and ask her to stay...maybe forever…

Love with an Imperfect Maid (Lone Star Dynasty Book 2) $3.99

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From USA Today bestselling Texas romance author, Ann Major, comes Nell’s story, Book 2 in her exciting Lone Star Dynasty Series.

I knew I was in love with the wrong man, but my heart couldn’t say no.
Rule number one for an ugly duckling with a perfect twin sister: don’t fall in love with her man.
I messed that up bad the first day Hannah brought Colt home to introduce him to our family—and I looked into his eyes.
Don’t seek his comfort on the day he marries her just because you learn the shattering secret behind your birth.
Don’t kiss him. Don’t. But, if you do, don’t let your sister catch you.
Now Hannah’s run away, my parents are devastated, and Colt’s lost his job at the family firm. Did I mention, I hate me, he hates me, and he’s vowing revenge?
What can I do to make this right? I love him and want him to forgive me. I love my sister…and my parents… I really do.

Love with an Imperfect Bridegroom (Lone Star Dynasty Book 3) $2.99

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From USA Today bestselling Texas romance author, Ann Major, comes Book 3, a novella, in her exciting Lone Star Dynasty Series.

A Bachelor Party to Remember

On the eve before Easton Lewis is to marry wealthy Audrey Warner to save his father’s fortune, his forbidden love from the past returns. Mesmerized, East risks everything for one passionate night in her arms.

A Bridegroom’s Secret Baby Bargain

Nine months later he’s deeply in love with his bride. But how can he turn his back on the exquisite secret baby he finds on his doorstep?

Will the bargain he makes with his wife cost them their chance of happiness?

Love with an Imperfect Bride (Lone Star Dynasty Book 4) $3.99

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From USA Today Bestseller, Ann Major, comes book 4, a new sexy, reunited lovers romance in her Lone Star Dynasty Series.

There’s no way I’ll go back to East Lewis, my husband of thirty years. Ever.
That’s what I tell myself when I return from Texas to New York after a six-month separation. He can keep his irresistible charm, his sexiness, and his fame. I don’t care if I feel comforted in his arms or if I crave him even though I despise myself for the things I ask him to do.

When he betrayed me, I made the mistake of staying with him in this marriage of convenience far too long.
I’m not stupid enough to give him another chance. I’m not.

That’s easier said than done when a family crisis occurs, a younger woman starts chasing him, and nightmarish flashbacks cause my world to fall apart.

I don’t know what’s real or fake, or if I’m terrible person. Will East even want me when he knows who I really am and what I’ve done? Can I forgive myself and East and trust in love and forgiveness to wash the sins of our pasts away?