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Enter the Hot World of Dragon Shifters with Lisa Daniels!

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Telera is a world teaming with romance, action, and stories --- it is a world that Lisa Daniels loves to explore with her readers, one character at a time. 
WARNING: These ebook contain mature themes and language, intended for 18+ readers only. 
AUTHOR'S NOTE: All are stand alone romances with an HEA.

Dragons of Telera Complete 8 Book Collection

In this complete 8 book collection you will be immersed in a world of fantastical creatures, magic, and of course, sexy dragons! You are guaranteed to fall in love with the characters who make appearances throughout the books. 

Opening a book of Letera is like watching a week in the life of someone else, but where the stakes couldn’t be higher. In a world where every kind of creature exists, survival seems impossible. Each standalone book shows two sides of romance in a world where anything could kill.

ANNORA'S DRAGON: Dragons of Telera (Book 1) ANNORA'S DRAGON: Dragons of Telera (Book 1) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $0.99 to buy

An untamed dragon slayer. Rescued by a handsome stranger. Tired of fighting her feelings...passion takes over.

Annora is not the average Letera woman. While most are worried about how to catch a husband, raise a family, or simply survive, Annora cares only about killing dragons. When she encounters Elian, a handsome stranger who takes an interest in her, she treats him just like any other man --- with contempt. However, she soon realizes that he is more than just another man --- he is a competitor.

Elian is very open and honest, but it is clear that he is withholding information that could sway Annora's perception of him. As he takes it upon himself to protect her from what he considers a reckless life style, Elian becomes both protective and possessive of her.

Elian may have saved her, but his motives are unclear. It doesn't sound like he is out to kill, so why is he also on the dragon's trail?

Bree's Dragon (Dragons of Telera Book 2) Bree's Dragon (Dragons of Telera Book 2) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

A sorceress's life is lonely. Can a handsome shifter possibly understand?

Bree was always known for her wit, beauty, and ready smile. But that smile hid a truth that could have brought the world to its knees. What the world didn't realize was that the sorcerers and sorceresses of long ago had not entirely disappeared. It meant that Bree lived a very lonely life hiding who she was.

An unexpected encounter with a cold shifter forced her to open up in a way that even she had not expected. After one night of passion, Bree could feel the cracks in her façade threatening to tear her apart. Though Calixto is cold, there is something in his ardent devotion to his beliefs that force Bree to face the reality that she had feared.

Is it possible that she can actually find someone who understands her? Though she knows it is unlikely, Calixto has not left her side, despite knowing the truth.

KERENSA'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 3) KERENSA'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 3) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

She is curious as to what life is like outside of a gilded cage. Is the dashing foreigner an asset or a liability?

Growing up in a wealthy, noble family was not the kind of life that ever suited Kerensa. Dressed as a young man, she now has the chance to find out what she is capable of intellectually without the restrictions of her gender and class.

Then she meets Heath.

He is a dashing, handsome young man from the wealth and insular country known only as Vetitum. Her nation, Volsci, suffered a smashing defeat against them over 100 years ago, and ever since it has been all but forbidden to discuss the place. Now she has the opportunity to learn about not only an exotic, frozen land, but to find out about the war.

Heath is not only obliging, he helps her learn how to act more mannish so that her disguise is not ruined. The question is, what does he want? She already knows that no noble man offers help without expecting something in return.

NOELY'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 4) NOELY'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 4) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy


Can be read as a standalone with HEA!

Noely's Dragon

She lost her way; he lost his purpose. But not anymore.

Noely's never had an easy life, but she has found a level of comfort as she tried to save enough money to resume her search for her missing guardian. Her hunt has been halted for several years as she cannot seem to say no to helping those in need. A chance encounter with a wounded shifter leaves her questioning everything she has believed both about herself and the people around her.
Cyprian had lost his purpose after losing too much. Though he still went through the motions, his easy-going manner had largely given way to cynicism and an attempt at indifference. It was only through the eyes of Noely that he could start to see a reason to keep going. But giving up on his goal will mean having to return to the pain that had nearly ruined him.
Is their encounter simply a reminder of what's important, or is there more to their growing unwillingness to part?

AILEY'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 5) AILEY'S DRAGON (Dragons of Telera Book 5) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy


She sought death. He sought life. Fate is not without a sense of irony.

With more than a decade of experience as a medic, Ailey thought she had seen it all. When her mentor goes missing while trying to treat the plague victims in Melzi, Ailey knows that there is something stranger than an untreatable plague happening. Just two days away from the city, a chance encounter with a thief gains Ailey the attention of an enigmatic stranger. When her attempts to drive him away backfire, his unique outlook draw her in, causing Ailey to question everything she thought she knew about the world.

Ash has never been one to take life too seriously. With a temperament that is both childish and unfathomable, he is easy going and cheerful to a fault. But beneath his happiness lurks the emotions that have always been the downfall of his kind. As his interest in Ailey draws him into the concerns of humans, he must decide the value of his own life.

Ailey has always believed that she was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. When the ultimate sacrifice is the life of someone who has come to mean so much to her, will she be able to watch him make that sacrifice?

Zandra's Dragon: Dragons of Telera (Book 6) Zandra's Dragon: Dragons of Telera (Book 6) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy


Without a future, what is the point of the present?

Zandra's carefree life was never quite the dream it appeared to be. There is something beyond the pain she has endured during two years in Melzi as it was ravished by the plague. Full of regret, Zandra feels resignation is her only path forward. As a witch, she knows it is only a matter of time before the pain tears her apart --- and she believes she deserves no more.

Anani had spent nearly two decades as far from his reality as possible. The world that he has returned to makes no sense, and the only person left to his knowing is the person he has spent 20 years trying to hate. Faced with the possibility of losing her, Anani can't seem to hold onto the thin threads of hate.

Tied by a complicated past, can Zandra and Anani find a way through the pain? Or are they doomed by their past mistakes?

Ivy's Dragon: Dragons of Telera (Book 7) Ivy's Dragon: Dragons of Telera (Book 7) $0.00 kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy


She saw her own prison reflected in his bars. Together, they had the key.

Ivy has spent a life stealing, and it has taught her that her life amounts to nothing. Though she grew into one of the most adept thieves in the Seven Kingdoms, jealousy forced her to hide. After years of rotten luck and constant fear of discovery, Ivy finally has a chance to turn her life around. Then a moment of vulnerability turns into a nightmare.

Having failed in his mission to take care of his charge, Augustin has given in to self-loathing and despair. From his prison, he dares to hope that his lessons were enough. When Ivy literal falls into his life, he faces the possibility that his role isn't done yet.

She yearns for acceptance and peace. He wants to know that his life was not in vain. Together, they may find a path that could lead to freedom. But only if they can realize their own worth.

Summer's Dragon: Dragons of Telera (Book 8) Summer's Dragon: Dragons of Telera (Book 8)$0.00 kindle unlimited logo $0.99 to buy

This book is a STEAMY Stand Alone with an HEA. It contains a FREE Dragons Take a Princess 7 Book Series

When memory fails you, how much trust can you put in a stranger?

The scariest part of waking up was not that she was in a crypt --- it was the fact that the woman couldn't remember anything, including why she is there. Getting out of the City of the Dead is only her first challenge. When she stumbles upon a cold stranger, she feels like things might change, although she couldn't say if it will be for better or worse. She is left to believe that the only reason he stays with her is out of morbid curiosity.

Worse still, everywhere they go they encounter people who have the same vibe as the stranger. The only positive thing about the encounters is the mention of Cyprian, and it triggers memories that hint toward her life before death. But each of these encounters also has an ominous news, and the stranger won't even let them use his name in front of her. Just how much is he hiding and why?

What is it that he knows about her, and why is he trying to take her away from the people? And just what does the stranger mean to her?