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Classic Science Fiction from S.K. Valenzuela - Free Prequel

S.K. Valenzuela is a novelist and award-winning screenwriter with representation in Hollywood. She is also the founder and CEO of Areion Media, a boutique creative services firm specializing in editing, script coaching, and writing workshops for high school students and adults. She holds a Ph.D. in English Literature, and she is currently a professor at the University of Dallas.

The Silesia Trilogy is her first series -- a classic science fiction action-adventure story that follows a young renegade assassin as she battles the dark intergalactic power that annihilated her homeworld. She is preparing to release her next novel, Final Origin, the first book in her new post-apocalyptic dystopian thriller series, set in a world dominated by genetic engineering and memory manipulation. She is also in the process of adapting her award-winning screenplay Render into a new sci-fi action-adventure series.

She fuels her creativity with lots of running and frothy cappuccinos. She lives in Dallas, TX with her family.

You can download the prequel to the series, The Chrysalis, for free in all ebook formats and PDF!

The Outworlder (The Silesia Trilogy Book 1)The Outworlder (The Silesia Trilogy Book 1) $2.99

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Sahara Acwellan never expected a second chance...but fate had other ideas. When she crash lands on the desert world of Silesia, she discovers that her homeworld wasn't the only one threatened by the dark collective known as the Drakkin.

Rescued from the sands by Jared Alareth, a man with a past not so different from her own, she must earn the trust of his people if she wants a chance to finish what she started. But if the Drakkin discover that she has survived, their retribution against Jared's people will be swift and terrible. Caught in a web of betrayal and intrigue and facing the knowledge that every day that she stays with Jared brings his people closer to their extinction, will she convince Jared to help her lead a rebellion that could free them from the Drakkin forever, or will her reckless desire for revenge destroy them all?

The Triumvirate (Silesia Trilogy Book 2)The Triumvirate (Silesia Trilogy Book 2) $4.99

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They gained their freedom. And lost everything.

Jared, Sahara, and their friends destroyed the Drakkin and ended their reign of terror, but not before the Drakkin exiled the people of Albadir into the void of space on a disabled ship. Determined to find their people and bring them home, they gamble everything on a desperate rescue operation.

But nothing can prepare them for the deadly truth. As they track the ship across the system, from the prison moon K’ilenfir to Brytnoth’s Askalon, they discover the price of their victory over the Drakkin. A new tyranny has risen from the ashes — a ruthless paramilitary gang of drug lords and slave dealers headed by a group called the Triumvirate, which is now poised to decimate anyone and any world that stands in the way of their quest for power.

The stakes have never been higher. The danger has never been greater. And when Jared and Sahara discover that their people have fallen into the Triumvirate’s clutches, they must make a terrible choice. Will they fight for freedom once again?

And if they do, what will be the cost this time?

The Artifex (Silesia Trilogy Book 3)The Artifex (Silesia Trilogy Book 3) $5.99

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They thought they had destroyed the evil. It was only asleep.

Victory comes at a bitter cost. As Sahara, Jared, and their friends help Askalon to rebuild, the fragile planet faces a new threat. The Triumvirate had promised the fanatical ruler of the planet Halcyon a shipment of the galaxy's most dangerous mineral...and Askalon has no intention of paying up.

Sahara and Jared travel to Halcyon in a desperate attempt to renegotiate the debt, but the welcome they receive is not the one they expected. As the team on Halcyon is scattered, the situation on Askalon begins to unravel. And secrets and plots too long buried come creeping back to light.

Their friends race to save Askalon from collapse as Sahara struggles to overcome the demons of her past once and for all. 

But Jared must face a greater darkness than all of them, and he must face it alone.

They have wakened a deep evil, and now the fate of all worlds hangs in the balance.