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Colleen Charles is the award winning author of TWENTY ONE #1 best selling steamy romance books on Amazon. She specializes in romantic comedy, billionaire romance, ice hockey romance, second chance romance and curvy girl romance. Her books feature alpha male bad-boys with heart, are written in a series and are not intended for readers under 18. - FREE FULL-LENGTH EXCLUSIVE NOVEL for new subscribers
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Buyer Beware (Caldwell Brothers Book 1) Buyer Beware (Caldwell Brothers Book 1)  kindle unlimited logo $0.99

I said I could do casual...and swore I'd never fall in love.

I lied.

I know all about her type.
Dirt poor. Check.
Gold digger. Check. Check.

Marcella's hot as hell and just as intriguing. I live in a swanky Vegas penthouse on top of my equally posh boutique casino. She's lived in a dilapidated seventies trailer far too long to have patience for billionaire playboys like me that can just snap their fingers and have women fall at their feet, begging to be dominated. She stands for everything I despise. Which is why my obsession with her makes zero sense.

She's innocence incarnate...I'm the guy who steals it. I can have anything I want, whenever I want it.

And I want her.

Except there's intelligence and kindness lingering underneath her Goodwill clad outer shell. There's a mystery there that I yearn to explore. So when I offer to help Marcella and her gamble-a-holic brother rise from the ashes of their meager existence, she grasps the brass ring with both hands. Surprising me. And no one ever surprises me. It doesn't take her long to realize I'm only doing it so I can control her. I want to possess every part of her. Is it my fault that this glittery town consumes a person's soul right along with their cash?

Marcella Castillo needs to be taught a lesson. She thinks she's not the kind of girl I can buy and sell. She's wrong. But somewhere along the line, the boundaries blur. In my heart, I feel a newfound tenderness and vulnerability that I've never known. This woman pulls at my heart strings until my solid walls come tumbling down and I let her in. And I'm happy.

The happiest I've ever been since my dad took himself six feet under leaving me with four younger brothers to raise.

Until a vicious sociopath and a haunting secret from Marcella's past threatens to destroy every single thing I've just sold my soul to possess.


Tightwad (Caldwell Brothers Book 2) Tightwad (Caldwell Brothers Book 2) kindle unlimited logo $2.99 to buy

I'm a hot shot lawyer from NYC...she'll try to tie me down.

She'll fail.

Taryn pushes every single limit and every single button, dancing like nobody's watching when every hot-blooded male inside this exclusive club is. And my blood boils because of it. No one is going to touch Taryn's lush body unless that person is me.

Security doesn't appreciate her Tony worthy Broadway cage dance complete with jazz hands and thong peek-a-boo. I have to save her, take care of her. Protect her. Since I've wanted her for years, I tell everyone she's my girlfriend and we leave the club arm in arm.

It feels good. Right.

Only one thing tugs at my heart and mind. She doesn't even recognize me when she damn well should.

I've been called a player. Then again, maybe that's what she needs--a man whose taste will linger on her lips for months. A man who knows how to make her come so hard she screams his name. A man who makes her wetter than she's ever been before.

If she thinks she's going to walk away after I've had just one little taste of her slick heat, she can guess again. I get whatever I want. And I want her.

But when I go to an important business meeting to discuss bringing down my arch enemy, I'm floored. She's already there, baiting me. Teasing me. Making my body rigid with lust. Denying me what I've wanted since college.

A vicious criminal hell-bent on revenge, and secrets from her past throw up roadblocks at every turn. I've got a life in NYC and her life is here in Vegas. It can't work. It won't. But that doesn't stop me from taking everything she's willing to give.

Kickback (Caldwell Brothers Book 3) Kickback (Caldwell Brothers Book 3)  kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy

Sometimes love means a second chance.

And a surprise I never saw coming.

I built my tech company, Savant, from the ground up. Now, I want to give back, making iPhone apps for kids with disabilities. I'm a billionaire multiple times over, but money doesn't matter to me.

She's the only thing that matters.

And I left her. Eight years ago, after high school graduation, I fled the scene, leaving her heartbroken. A mafia psycho infiltrated my family and my father killed himself, leaving his five sons orphaned and alone. I couldn't take it. Even she couldn't help me. No one could.

I'm willing to put my heart in my hands and beg for forgiveness. I've grown up, and now I'm ready to make her mine. But my lingering desire for Haylee puts everything in perspective. For the first time in my life, I see a future with a woman. I want to create a family, and earn my second chance.

Eight years later, I know we probably shouldn't get involved again. Even though her lips tell me to get lost, the look in her hypnotic eyes tells me everything I need to know. She wants me. And I sure as hell never stopped wanting her. Her lush curves beg me to possess them.

But she's been hiding something from me. Haylee has a daughter. Atlee has my eyes--and the moment I meet that precious little girl, I know she's mine. And I realize that everything I thought I knew about life and love was wrong.

Dead wrong.

One touch and I'm lost. I want it all, and I'll take it. Nothing's going to stop me...not even the man who's responsible for my father's death. If he thinks he can keep my family away from me, he's got another thing coming.


Pony Up (Caldwell Brothers Book 4) Pony Up (Caldwell Brothers Book 4) kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy

I'm cooking up something sexy.

And she's never going to know what hit her.

As one of the top chefs in Las Vegas, I've built my Michelin star steakhouse from the ground up. Now, I want to take my thriving career to the next level, pimping myself out so that Hollywood will come calling. I'm so the best man for that job.

And she's not a man.

She's my rival.

I'm Vegas born and raised, from a powerful family. Eight years ago, she set the Vegas food scene on fire, rolling into town straight from bumf*ck nowhere. And all she serves in her redneck pescatarian restaurant is fish. I hate fish almost as much as I hate her. If it's not red meat, it's not an entrée.

I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get my own show on the Food Network. But Pepper St. Claire and my crazy attraction to her puts my dream in jeopardy. She's got the face for television, and a body made for sin. But so do I. And not matter how much I want to make her scream my name, my future comes first.

Pepper's just as driven as I am, and she'll stop at nothing to take me down. After I finally get in her pants, she does something so terrible, I can't even believe a woman's capable of such treachery.

Oh, she's really started it.

And's on.

All In (Caldwell Brothers Book 5) All In (Caldwell Brothers Book 5)  kindle unlimited logo $3.99 to buy

I'm a dark and cold man.

I don't need love...and I sure as hell don't need her. 

My past is black and desperate. A gloomy whisper of haunting memories that have made me tough as nails and cold as ice. I've had to scrap my way to the top of the Vegas security industry. No one gave me any handouts. My success came on the back of my own blood, sweat, but NEVER tears. Now, I want to take my career to the next level as VP of security for the Armónico.

But she doesn't think I have what it takes.

I can't stand her. She thinks she can boss me around while I serve as a test dummy for her little women's self-defense class at the request of the Armónico's owner, Nixon Caldwell. I insult her at every turn, and she takes it. Until the moment she doesn't...she delights in kicking my ass, and I realize she's the first formidable opponent I've ever encountered.

I'm willing to put my pride aside and work with her to obtain my ultimate goal. But somewhere along the way, the lines blur into a misty fog. Lust becomes intertwined with hate, and I want her. Every single inch of her sculpted body. And I'll take it. For the first time in my life, I want a woman for more than just one steamy night.

I know we probably shouldn't get involved. I'm night; she's day. I'm negative; she's positive. But just like the ends of a magnet, we gravitate towards each other. Even though her words say I'm inadequate, the look in her piercing eyes reveals her lies. She wants me. Flat on my back until I'm begging for mercy.
Or she is.

But she's been hiding something from me. And I've been hiding something from her. If either of our wretched secrets sees the light of day, it's over.


One touch and I'm lost. I want it all, and I'll take it. Nothing's going to stop me...not even the man who burns to hurt her. If he thinks he can take her away from me, he's going to be sorry.

Maybe even dead.