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Start this Romantic Suspense Series - Stay at home mom fights terrorism

Besides having taught college geography, Tierney is a former Solar System Ambassador for NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab. Exploring the Okavango Delta in Botswana and walking the Great Wall of China influenced the fiction she creates. Living among the Cherokee in her youth forced Tierney to see life differently as did raising a family in a mining/logging community in California and Missouri. "Life is an adventure! Embrace it," is her motto.

You can find her on Facebook as Tierney James.

Her website is

An Unlikely Hero (Enigma Series Book 1)An Unlikely Hero (Enigma Series Book 1) FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

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A Stay-At-Home Mom Thrown Into The Fight Against Terrorism

For intelligent, stay-at-home mom Tessa Scott, now is the time to be a hero, or end up dead. The choice will change her life forever. An Unlikely Hero, the gripping action thriller by Tierney James, delivers a modern-day heroine amidst terrorists, operatives, and brilliant scientists in a race to save the country from a new kind of danger. In the tradition of Nora Roberts or Elizabeth Lowell, this heart-racing tale of high stakes and misguided missiles is packed with intrigue and plot twists that threaten our way of life.

>>>A Relaxing Week Upturned By An Encounter With Terrorists

Tessa Scott is living the American dream - big house, successful husband, and three beautiful children. No one would suspect a Libyan terrorist is at work nearby. When Tessa sends her family on vacation after another fight with her husband, she is expecting a relaxing week of solitude. Instead she is confronted with a bomb in her backyard, and the terrorist group who are looking for it. Tessa survives only due to the entrance of Captain Chase Hunter, a man who seems just as dangerous as the terrorists. Unsure who she can trust, Tessa is drawn into his secret world of terrorists and national security. Powerless to resist Tessa is forced to survive the unthinkable, from confronting perilous brushes with death to becoming a sitting duck for men who are out to savage the world as we know it.

>>>An Unlikely Partnership

Meanwhile, the self-possessed Captain Hunter finds that Tessa Scott is affecting him in a way he thought no woman could. The two are forced into a complicated partnership as they work together to unravel a terrorist plot that will affect thousands of people. The stakes are raised when Tessa discovers that her family is in danger from the same terrorists. Will Captain Hunter save them, or is he looking to Tessa to save him?

>>>An Unlikely Hero Is An Enthralling Tale

A seemingly ordinary woman is compelled to emerge as altogether extraordinary in the face of sinister schemes, brutal aggressors, and worldwide implications. With an intricate storyline, complex characters, and blood-pumping action, An Unlikely Hero is likely to have you riveted to each high-velocity turn of events.

Winds of Deception (Enigma Series Book 2)Winds of Deception (Enigma Series Book 2) $4.99

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An Assassination Plot In Washington DC

Tessa Scott believes her encounter with Ex-Delta Force Captain Chase Hunter, a year earlier, can finally remain in the past. After she arrives in Washington DC, Enigma enlists her help when they uncover a plot to assassinate both President Austin and the Prime Minister of Israel. To complicate an already volatile situation a hurricane moves toward the nation’s capital creating the perfect opportunity to stage an attack.

>>>Catastrophic Events That Could Change The Course Of The United States

Lines of loyalty begin to blur as Tessa confronts life and death events that could change the course of the United States. Complications arise when Tessa is faced with the knowledge her uncle plans to take revenge for Israel’s 1967 attack on the USS Liberty and its lost crew members. No one knows that a powerful member of the government is behind the conspiracy, and Tessa and Captain Hunter join forces to halt the violence against the most powerful men in the world. She must ultimately choose between her love of country or exposing the truth against Israel.

The growing attraction between Tessa and Captain Hunter creates an emotional storm, adding even more dangerous consequences to The Winds of Deception

>>>Winds of Deception is the second book in the thrilling Enigma Series!

Rooftop Angels (Enigma Series Book 3)Rooftop Angels (Enigma Series Book 3) $4.99

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She Wakes Up In Afghanistan To A US Official and Orphan Girls, And They Are Counting On Her

When Tessa Scott wakes with blood on her hands in a rat infested shack in Afghanistan, she discovers six orphan girls and the Undersecretary of State counting on her for protection. Confused at how she got there or why a smoldering Black Hawk helicopter has crashed outside the village, forces her into yet another adventure of cat and mouse with the Taliban who intend to kidnap them.

>>>Salvation, But With A Heavy Price

With the help of a Kyrgyz tribesman and his men, they elude the danger only to discover their protection comes at a price which involves marriage to the leader. An unexpected chance at new love outweighs the secret Tessa must now carry forever.

>>>A Race Against Time

Meanwhile Captain Hunter, an Enigma agent, desperately searches for her before she disappears on the rooftop of the world. A race against time and ruthless drug lords, who work with the U.S. government, create obstacles which change Tessa’s life in a way she never expected.

KIFARU (Enigma Series Book 4)KIFARU (Enigma Series Book 4) $4.99

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A Story Laced with Half-Truths and Hidden Treasure

Kifaru is another action-adventure ride with the Enigma team that brings our reluctant heroes to expose deception and force a naïve husband to participate in the world of crime.

>>>It Started As A Family Ski Trip

Tessa Scott thinks taking her children to Squaw Valley for a skiing trip will be a great way to relax. The vacation turns out to be more of an adventure than she plans when a mysterious sedan follows her onto a snow-packed highway. She stops at a convenience store with the children and convinces a man to help her get away, only to discover the stranger is a bigger threat.

>>>A Race Against Time To Save His Agent

When his newest agent, Tessa Scott, disappears under his watchful eyes, Captain Hunter races to save her from a dangerous man. When the stranger convinces her to help save an African nation from a brutal dictator, Hunter can’t prevent her from taking matters into her own hands. He needs to find her before falling victim to more deceit and the nasty business of conflict diamonds. An avalanche complicates the rescue until an enemy intervenes to save them both from certain death.

>>>The FBI’s Latest Target? Her Husband

Never in his wildest dreams did Tessa’s husband, Robert Scott, think he’d be the target of an FBI investigation in a money laundering scheme. Kidnapped by men promising bodily harm, he lands in a secret location where escape appears impossible. Interrogated and drugged, he’s dumped in a parking garage. In the days that follow, he continues to look over his shoulder in fear of more trouble or the chance his wife will find out about the dead woman in his hotel room.

Black Mamba (Enigma Series Book 5)Black Mamba (Enigma Series Book 5) $4.99

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A Safari Vacation Puts Her In the Crosshairs Of A Corrupt Dictator

With fantasies of a peaceful photographic safari, big game and a National Geographic experience, Tessa Scott embarks on a new journey. After agreeing to follow her friend Handsome Jones to Botswana, Africa, she discovers they are in the cross-hairs of a corrupt dictator. The romantic image of Africa begins to fade when she fails to anticipate blood thirsty poachers, secrets of betrayal and a deadly black mamba left to silence her curiosity about the past. With the winds of change blowing through the Okavango Delta, she calls on the Enigma team to protect the man who threatens the stability of a peaceful nation.

>>>Uncovering Dangerous Secrets That Hold The Key To A Nation’s Future

Captain Hunter discovers there are more dangers awaiting them, both in the tranquil waters of the Okavango and the Kifaru diamond in his possession. Whoever takes the diamond, also controls their destiny. Keeping track of Tessa’s new friend and a mysterious woman at President Baboloki’s side puts them on a collision course with buried secrets which hold the key to the future of Botswana. The captain is forced to put himself in the way of certain death to save the woman he’s vowed to protect. The antidote for change may not be enough to keep him alive.

The Knight Before Chaos (Enigma Series Book 6) - NEW RELEASE - 99c!

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Captain Hunter believed watching Tessa Scott’s children for one night would be an easy assignment while she traveled to the airport in Reno to pick up her parents. What he hadn’t considered was how much they resembled miniature, domestic terrorists. The former Delta officer discovers, outmaneuvering the Taliban was child’s play compared to keeping three kids from falling victim to a group of not-so-smart burglars. But with their flare for the dramatic and enough plastic firepower to make Darth Vader tremble, the children help Chase make this Christmas one they’ll never forget.

A snowstorm delays Tessa’s parents’ flight for twenty-four hours. Although doubts of leaving Captain Hunter, to protect her children from themselves for a few hours, she discovers the night is filled with surprises and they are in the crosshairs. When a notorious Irish assassin convinces Tessa that a contract has been placed on Captain Hunter’s life, she is forced to break the law in order to protect those she loves. The clock is ticking and the highway has closed over the mountain. Stealing a snowplow from the State Highway Department, kidnapping an FBI agent and trusting a not so saintly priest hunted by the Russian mob, feels like Tessa may be wearing an orange jumpsuit for Christmas.

Another action-packed adventure with Tessa Scott and Captain Hunter as they create a new kind of Christmas holiday filled with chaos, Christmas humor and unpredictable outcomes.