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Intense and Emotional Romantic Suspense

Allison O'Shea has been writing stories, poetry, and plays from a young age, and has always been an avid reader. Her deep love of books led her family to have a "no reading at the table" rule to make sure she would stop reading long enough to participate in the dinner conversation!

In 2017, she self-published her first novel, 'Big Sky Heart', and has added an additional five books since. She writes women's fiction and contemporary romance, focusing on the personal, emotional journeys women encounter on their way towards finding love.

If you're looking for stories with a supernatural twist, you might enjoy the Layna Wood series, beginning with 'Petrified Wood'. This series follows country singer Layna as she balances a career and the interest of a hunky cop, all while discovering and managing powers within herself that she'd never known.

For stories focused on women working through personal struggles on their way towards finding love, you should check out 'A Path Between Dreams', which follows the director of a dog shelter who can't seem to fully escape the nightmares of her past. 'Big Sky Heart' is another emotional story about Emma Ward, a woman trying to find the courage to follow her dreams.

To stay up to date with book releases, follow Allison on Instagram or Facebook @allisonosheabooks, or check out her website


Petrified Wood (Layna Wood Book 1)Petrified Wood (Layna Wood Book 1) FREE!

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Can Layna Wood predict the future?

If so, she imagines it's going to be pretty similar to the present: Life as a hardworking office drone by day, and an aspiring country singer by night. She's accepted she might never catch the big break she's dreamed of, or ever 'make it' in Nashville's competitive country music scene.

But when Layna returns home one day and interrupts an intruder ransacking her apartment, there's suddenly more at stake than just her musical career - like her life.

Who was the intruder? What was he looking for? And - more importantly - will he be back?

Layna's scared, but she's not alone. She has her best friend by her side, and a distractingly attractive cop watching her back - but will it be enough?

Because if Layna's got any hope of safeguarding her future, she's going to have to look back into her past; and she might not like what she finds out.

Petrified Wood is the first of the Layna Wood series - tautly written, intense and emotional romantic suspense that fans of Barbara O'Neal, Catherine Bybee, and Tracy Buchanan will instantly embrace.

Splintered Wood (Layna Wood Book 2)Splintered Wood (Layna Wood Book 2) $3.99

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Singer/songwriter Layna is adjusting to a new reality.

Until recently, talented musician Layna Wood had been struggling to catch her big break in Nashville's country music scene. Then, everything changed - when she discovered that it wasn't just musical talent that her absent father had gifted her with.

Layna learned that the universe resonates like a guitar string - and she's one of the rare few who can hear its music.

But this isn't a gift she asked for, or wanted - and it's already put her life in danger. Now, Layna's desperate to master her new ability before it gets her into trouble once again.

But what seems like a safe opportunity to explore her talents - solving a small-time robbery at an old-folks home - soon spirals out of control. Layna learns that evil lurks deep within the hearts of the people you'd least expect it to; and sensing somebody else's future could end up jeopardizing her own.

Splintered Wood is the second of the Layna Wood series - a richly emotional tale of romantic suspense that fans of Catherine Bybee, Barbara O'Neal, and Tracy Buchanan won't be able to put down.

Drift Wood (Layna Wood Book 3)Drift Wood (Layna Wood Book 3) $3.99

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Corey is Layna's partner, her soulmate, and her senser. So, why is she keeping secrets from him?

Aspiring singer/songwriter Layna Wood didn't just inherit musical talent from her absent father - she's also inherited the abilities of a seer; able to connect with and sense the universe at a far deeper level than most.

But as Layna's ability grows, so too does the pressure to keep her talents secret; especially as she gains the ability to sense things even her mentor, Marjory, never warned her about - things like ghosts.

She soon learns that dead men DO tell tales - but how can Layna explain the things she discovers to her lover, Corey? He's a no-nonsense, by-the-book law-officer who most definitely doesn't believe in ghosts.

But the longer Layna keeps her secrets, the more of the truth she uncovers threatens to put her and her family in danger; and soon Layna has to choose between communing with ghosts, or running the risk of becoming one herself.

Drift Wood
 is the third in the Layna Wood series of romantic suspense novels - tautly written, rich and emotional, and sure to be an instant hit with fans of Tracy Buchanan, Catherine Bybee, and Barbara O'Neal.