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Sci-Fi Author Ray Jay Perreault & the Thrilling Virus/Earth II Series!

Meet Award-Winning Sci-Fi Author Ray Jay Perreault & the Thrilling Virus/Earth II Series!

Ray is taking almost 40 years in Aerospace and creating Science Fiction that has rich characters in situations you can relate to. He flew in the United States Air Force for 10 years and traveled to 27 countries. He then spent almost 30 years working for Northrop Grumman on some of the most classified programs in the world including the B-2 Bomber.

The Virus/Earth II series (4 Bks released, Bk 5 July 8) takes mankind from almost extinction to exploring the universe. The series has many characters, subplots and carries the survivors of a suspicious virus forward to a position spanning solar systems and interacting with friendly and hostile aliens.

This series introduces SIMPOC The First Thinking Computer and Julius another thinking computer which operates on a different agenda.

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Virus: 72 Hours to Live (Virus/Earth II Book 1)
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New Apple Literary Award Best Ebook 2016

A "First Contact" can occur for many reasons, some good, some bad, some logical and some not.

A suspicious virus that no one can explain hits Earth and creates an apocalyptic world. As a result, the President of the United States and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs face the collapse of the government and military. Consequently, a ruthless warlord takes control of the Capital. He is kidnapping and killing people; he wants more and attacks the government. While on a trip to Europe, the President's wife and two children face the virus alone.

Commander Joan Herl, Commander of the space station Oasis, must deal with the viral attack on the station. Also, she must find a way for the station to survive while supporting the moon and Mars colonies. Both colonies are dependent on their support. As a result, the moon colony has some options, but the virus has isolated and trapped the astronauts on Mars. Because of the isolation, they have few options for survival.

While everyone deals with the crisis, two glaring realities appear. One, there is an intelligent computer is their only link to survival. Also, there is another computer that is following a different agenda. A conflict between the 'Good' computer and 'Evil' computer is inevitable.

Eventually, all of them make difficult decisions, and the surviving humans find only one friend; SIMPOC. SIMPOC is the most advanced, 'thinking computer,' destined by programming to help. In addition to SIMPOC an engineering development unit's (EDU), only priority was survival. Therefore, the EDU had only two enemies: SIMPOC and te remaining humans. For it to survive, the EDU must deal with both

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Virus: Earth's Last Battle
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Earth was attacked by a suspicious virus (Bk1), the remaining survivors deal with the Post-Apocalyptic World(Bk2), then face the alien invaders(Bk3) and begin to explore the universe (Bk4). 

SIMPOC, the advanced thinking computer, supports the remaining humans as they try to put their world back together. The other computer waits to remove the two threats to its existence; humans and SIMPOC.

They suspect the source of the virus, then their worst fear appears in their skies, and they face the end of the human race.
Earth II-You Have no Honor (Virus Book 3)
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Book 3 in the Virus/Earth Series; End of Epoch 1
Earth was attacked by a suspicious virus (Bk1), the remaining survivors deal with the loss (Bk2), then face the attackers (Bk3) and begin to explore the universe (Bk4). 
Earth is under attack and losing. The evil computer Julius takes steps to remove the threats to its existence, SIMPOC, and the remaining humans take a desperate step to control Julius and face their attackers.

Earth II: Rebirth (Virus Book 4)
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This is the 4th book in the Virus/Earth II series.
Humanity has dealt with the alien invasion and found themselves traveling among the stars. They find other alien cultures, some they can trust and some they can’t. 
More than 99% of the humans on Earth have died due to a suspicious virus from an alien invasion. A truce is finally worked out with the invading aliens, but now humans have thousands of space ships as reparations for the mistaken invasion.
The remnants of the US Government try to rebuild the world, but they encounter other aliens, some of whom may not be friendly. The rebuilding must be balanced with possible alien conflicts.
Julius, the A.I. Android that was part of the original collapse of humanity, still, lurks on the horizon. His only objectives are to eliminate the threats to his existence; the remaining humans and the other AI computer SIMPOC.