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Thrilling Sci-Fi Series from Michael Eves Shaffer!

Michael Eves Shaffer began writing in 2014 and the following year released Firing Of The Crucible. Described by BookViral as "an original and ambitious debut with much promise," his Phoenix Empire Series has also been praised as “The Best In Epic Military Science Fiction”. 

A former Army Reserve Military Policeman and enlisted Army Calvary Scout Shaffer is no stranger to adventure and danger with active service taking him deep behind enemy lines.

Writer and accomplished illustrator his additional works include Attila The Runner, Forging Of The Blade and Quenching Of The Blade in the epic Phoenix Empire series.

Firing of the Crucible (Phoenix Empire Book 1) Firing of the Crucible (Phoenix Empire Book 1)  $2.99

The Fight For Your Future Began In Their Past. 

The last fleet of your Empire have been turned into balls of expanding debris in space. In the final minutes of the battle, you rescued thirteen captains and their crews. Those you had to leave behind are probably being eaten alive. 

You look around your empty bridge. All of your crew, and those rescued, are in stasis. In a mad, possibly treasonous, attempt to enlist the aid of the species from a system locked away from the rest of the universe, you are about to attempt the most dangerous Transit ever undertaken. 

Pulling your straps tight, one last thought shoots through your mind. Your Empire has fallen to the second most dangerous species ever encountered. Now you are going to ask the aid of the first. You know that is true, because your Empire created them. They are an experiment that went wrong. 

And now they are your only hope!

Forging of the Blade: Phoenix Empire: Book 2 Forging of the Blade: Phoenix Empire: Book 2 $2.99

New Kind Of Warrior. A New Kind Of War. An Enemy Without Remorse. 
Shaffer's Sci Fi Epic continues to gather momentum as the first 13 Omegas join the battle. 
The aliens have all the technology, millions of years of society, and a much higher level of intelligence. The Terrans have what we have always had, wits and a wiliness to do what is necessary for the survival of the race. 
The aliens are going to be fighting to maintain control and preserve their order. The Omegas are going to be fighting to carve out a place in a new galactic empire. One where they want to be seen as equals and not servants to a higher cause. 
A superbly balanced Space Opera packed full of original ideas and nuance. Shaffer is again at his best as he delivers another fine nugget of space warfare science fiction.

Qwenching of the Blade: You Don't Have To Be A Hero. You Just Have To Win! (Phoenix Empire Book 3) Qwenching of the Blade: You Don't Have To Be A Hero. You Just Have To Win! (Phoenix Empire Book 3) $2.99

Genre Bending Science Fiction That Redefines Space Warfare!

Shaffer's Epic Science Fiction Saga reaches dizzying new heights as the battle with the Easlank intensifies, rewarding Science Fiction fans with an ever widening story arc that proves wholly addictive. Alliances will be tested, new battle lines will be drawn as the final fate of the Empire hangs in the balance. Two sides on a collision course, both testing the boundaries of what they will do to win. 

Relentlessly surprising and wholly unpredictable, Shaffer's Sentinels and Omegas are without equal as they face an enemy devoid of remorse. 

They don't have to be heroes, they just have to win!

An alien epic that's profoundly human, Shaffer continues to distinguish himself as an exciting new voice in Science Fiction.