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Action-packed Science Fiction - Fantasy series from Edita Petrick

Ribbons of Death (Peacetaker Series Book 1)Ribbons of Death (Peacetaker Series Book 1) $3.99

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A supernatural catalyst for death rises from an ancient myth. Can a federal agent and a medieval scholar stop its terror before it spreads across the US?

Only a miracle allowed federal agent Timothy Carter to survive the terror of an Egyptian demonstration that turned into a bloody riot. It was only the first of many such horrors. Now he has an assignment: Stop the identical riots spreading across the US, no matter what it takes. As an ex-soldier, only one way makes sense for him. Find the person … or thing … causing these senseless riots and take it out.

Stella Hunter was forced out of the academia because of her work tying obscure myths and mythological events, together across all global cultures. Only one person had believed her, and his theories were even more far-fetched than hers. Now the Egyptologist, Dr. Fineas Gahiji is dead in a suspicious Cairo traffic accident and Carter is on her doorstep waiting for answers.

As a terrorist that the ancient records identify only as the Peacetaker, orchestrates vengeance using a mythological being, Stella and Carter seek to end this threat to the US in this high-stakes thriller before he or it rips the nation apart.

Ribbons of Death is the first book in the Peacetaker series. If you like pulse-pounding action and mythological thrillers similar to Dan Brown and National Treasure, you’ll love this first Peacetaker tale.

The Harmony Scroll (Peacetaker Series Book 2)The Harmony Scroll (Peacetaker Series Book 2) $3.99

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Every curse must have means to lift it…

Mythology fiction is a good academic topic. Stella Hunter has made it into a life-time pursuit. That’s why she insists that every mythological curse must have means to lift it…or so she hopes.

If she’s wrong, a child will live his life teetering on the edge of the abyss. It’s why she stubbornly insists that there is hope, even when all evidence points to the contrary.

This time, however, the artifact that has the power to remove the curse is as controversial as the history surrounding it. It is not ancient. Merely historical. And the Vatican has spent centuries denying its existence—or its magical power. Those church historians who dare to include any information about its existence in their books are excommunicated—and ultimately perish in accidents. Stella is given a warning to cease her pursuit when mere minutes after she and her family leave her friend’s house, it goes up in flames.

From Rome to the French Riviera and across the Channel to an obscure village in England, where a shady US industrialist plans to join his corporate empire with that of a French aristocrat known as a terrorist financier, the quest turns into a pulse-pounding action.

Unlike most supernatural thriller books, this page-turning adventure involves not just Carter and Stella but their adopted son, Gabriel, who has no idea just how unique he is.

Then suddenly, the trail of the artifact that the Vatican wants so badly to destroy, they send one of the ‘dead-and-buried’ assassins after Stella and Carter, goes cold. It stops abruptly in a library of a young British aristocrat, who’s just sold his ancestral seat due to bankruptcy.

The Harmony Scroll is the second book in the Peacetaker series. If you like spiritual thriller books that are also a page turner, similar to Dan Brown, James Rollins and Paula Wynne’s The Sacred Symbol, you’ll love this second installment of the Peacetaker tale.

The Byzantine Connection (Peacetaker Series Book 3)The Byzantine Connection (Peacetaker Series Book 3) $3.99

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Dr. Stella Hunter and her husband Carter have seen more unbelievable things in their short time together than most couples ever see in a lifetime. The incarnation of ancient myths, beasts of lore, and deadly curses follow them wherever they go, and never seem too far behind the strange happenings that keep occurring.

When Stella is brought in to consult with Father Malvan of St. Hedwig’s Church in Detroit, Carter is stunned by a strange occurrence that makes him question the limits of age and the existence of magic. The presence of a mysterious stone statue and the heartbreaking toll it takes on Father Malvan is only the beginning, as the pair begin a dangerous journey to help track down something that used to be a man until he disgraced himself by trafficking a little boy with a curse on his head.

At the crossroads of miracles and curses, Stella and Carter must confront the stunning reality that nothing is ever as it seems...and retribution may not be merely death. Their original plan was to continue gathering material for Stella’s next book on texts and treasures in antiquarian bookshops and libraries, but once a mysterious call comes in the middle of the night, research-gathering takes a backseat.

Danger lurks in even the holiest of places, as Stella and Carter once again face the reality of hell on Earth when curses fly and the souls of men hang in the balance.

Arachne's Challenge (Peacetaker Series Book 4)Arachne's Challenge (Peacetaker Series Book 4) $3.99

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By Amazon Customer on February 24, 2018

Edita Petrick has a devilish imagination and a wicked sense of humor. Love the gritty characters and complex plot. Lots of adventure, intrigue, and fun. I have bought all of the series and will start on number one next.

A suicide bomber strikes at an unremarkable department store in upstate California. A week later, two teenage nerds perish in a house explosion that left a crater in the ground but otherwise did little damage beyond its perimeter. Five days after the tragedy, a dying teenage car thief whispers ‘Marseille’ to the FBI agents at her bedside. Any of the three gruesome events would have seen Senior Agent Vern Saunders summoning his crack operative, Carter, once on contract to the Justice Department. Today however, Carter, lives far removed from such events. He is planning to surprise his wife, ex-history professor, Stella Hunter, with a trip to Europe to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. He’s prepared to make it into a half-working vacation because Stella has no concept of relaxation. What he’s not prepared for is to start his vacation by finding himself threatened not only by the terrorists, car thieves and artifact smugglers, but also by something that even mythology can’t explain.

Doomsday Hand (Peacetaker Series Book 5)Doomsday Hand (Peacetaker Series Book 5) $3.99

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What starts off as a dreadful murder in London soon becomes a race against time to save humanity.


Less than three months into Stella’s one year guest professorship in London, her husband, retired FBI consultant, Timothy Carter, runs into an old friend while catching a taxi. It’s raining and both parties are late for their respective appointments. They make a lunch date for the next day but that meeting never happens because mere hours after meeting his friend Gregory Semple, Carter discovers he’s been murdered at the British Museum.

The police question Carter but other than his chance running into Greg, he can’t shed any light on who’d want to kill Gregory Semple. A few days later Carter receives a package with a mysterious black-hand-imprinted parchment, addressed to him, from his now-deceased friend. Impulsively and thinking it a joke, Carter measures his own palm against the black imprint and suddenly, unknown to him, a clock somewhere started ticking a countdown to doomsday.

As Carter attempts to figure out the importance of the strange parchment, he is thrust into a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction mess involving a billionaire’s child bride and European supermodel, a Scotland Yard Inspector, an eccentric academic, various thugs and his deceased friend’s adopted child. From the streets of London to the coast of Spain, Carter and Stella must find a way to abolish a ‘curse-disguised-as-a-gift’ that no one believed existed – until now. This time, it’s Carter’s life that is on the line because, as Stella puts it to him succinctly, 99% of humanity on Earth would kill to possess that which Carter now has—as a result of the curse and his impulsive nature.

Seals of Eternity (Peacetaker Series Book 6)Seals of Eternity (Peacetaker Series Book 6) $3.99

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An academic conference. A priceless ancient artifact…and a prehistoric demon looking for its means to escape earthly confinement. What's there not to like...?

The Book of Turns (Peacetaker Series 7)The Book of Turns (Peacetaker Series 7) $0.99

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Cold cases start to warm up as an ancient artifact comes out to wreck the global balance.

Two cold cases. A series of phenomenal events. A race against time.

After two years, there has been a long-running account of strange events on the news headlines: rivers altering their courses, campsites shifting locations – to phantom inheritances and severed limbs reattached to war veteran’s bodies. Carter and Stella’s long earned holiday is cut short with the appearance of a mutual friend and F.B.I Special Agent Saunders.

Over the span of two years (and counting) there have been reports hitting the media of increasingly strange events: from rivers altering their natural course to phantom inheritances – and a war veteran who’d lost a limb one day waking up to find their limb regrown. Is this a cosmic joke? A hoax – or the greatest swindle in history perpetrated on humankind?

One thing for sure – the world is changing – and not for the better. Carter and Stella are recruited to peel back timelines to save the world from destruction and hokum.