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GAIL DALEY is a self-taught artist and writer with a background in business. An omnivorous reader, she was inspired by her son, also a writer, to finish some of the incomplete novels she had begun over the years. She is heavily involved in local art groups and fills her time reading, writing, painting in acrylics, and spending time with her husband of 40 plus years. Currently her family is owned by two cats, a mischievous kitten called Mab (after the fairy queen of air and darkness) and a Gray Princess named Moonstone. In the past, the family shared their home with many dogs, cats and a Guinea Pig, all of whom have passed over the rainbow bridge. A recent stomach surgery and a bout with breast cancer has slowed her down a little, but she continues to write and paint.


Options of Survival (Space Colony Journals Book 1) $1.99

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The Will To Survive Is Mankind's Greatest Weapon
In the last interplanetary war a bio-weapon killed or sterilized all the males on Vensoog. To keep the colony alive, the Matchmaker Program finds ex-soldiers like Zack Jackson, a hard-as-nails ex-recon soldier who no longer has a home planet, and offer him a new home on Vensoog if he is willing to marry a Vensoog woman. With his home world now pile of radioactive ash, Zack desperately needs a new home for himself and his kids so he accepts the offer.
When the Matchmaker Program pairs him with Katherine, they both wonder if it is a match made in Heaven or Hell? They need to find out quick, because the ruthless Thieves Guild wants the valuable data cube their kids stole back. And they are willing to kill anyone who gets in their way.
Plus, Katherine is falling in love with her new husband and she hasn't a clue if he feels the same about her…

Destiny Rising (Space Colony Journals Book 2) $2.99

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What happens to soldiers when the war ends? If their planet was a casualty, where do they go? A marriage of convenience between two determined, strong willed people sparks a planetary war and puts at risk everyone they love. 

Laird Genevieve O'Teague, beautiful, and strong-willed became leader of her people at seventeen.Colonel Gideon Michaels had been a soldier who controlled thousands of fighters in the war. When it was over he needed a new home for his orphan niece and his adopted son. Genevieve's offer would provide both, but could he follow his heart and learn to trust and love his new wife? Vensoog is under attack by pirates and when Genevieve and his niece are kidnapped by an agent of the Thieves Guild, Genevieve and Gideon must learn to rely on each other and their newfound love to defeat their enemies.Welcome to the far future. 

The Space Colony Journals are an epic tale of a family's struggle to survive. Meet the courageous women and dangerous men who carve a home on the Alien World of Vensoog 


Tomorrow's Legacy (Space Colony Journals Book 3) $2.99

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To save their planet from a hostile takeover, a warrior/priestess joins forces with a bard from another world and five genetically designed children.

Drusilla: A Dragon Talker, born of a line of powerful, psychically gifted women, she has been trained from birth to command the beasts of Vensoog. Although powerfully attracted to Lucas, she distrusts her own feelings. 

Lucas: An off-world survivor of an interplanetary war, he is the untrained hereditary Bard of his people with the ability to compel others with his voice. He recognizes Drusilla as his soulmate, but can he convince her to trust their feelings for each other? Juliette: super smart, ruthless, wily and conniving—the perfect spy whose creators never realized they gave her a loving heart. Lucinda: her genius level IQ and enhanced creativity genes made her the perfect icy planner. But those same genes spark a need for order and balance at odds with the goals of her masters. Violet: a powerful empath whose alliance with the Vensoog Sand Dragon Jelli gave her the courage to defy her masters. Rupert and Roderick: the intuitive chemist and the genius code cracker who turned out to be a lot tougher than their masters anticipated.

Only by working together can this diverse group stop the ruthless Thieves Guild from enslaving their planet. 



The Interstellar Jewel Heist (Space Colony Journals Book 4)  $2.99

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When she finds the body of a retired shopkeeper on the beach, a series of mysterious events draws Lady Jayla into a web of passion, terror and murder. She finally realizes that if she wants to stay alive, she must figure out who the killer is before she becomes the next target.

While dealing with this crises, she also needs to control her dysfunctional house-bot who thinks he's a sex-bot, cope with Jake, her nosy boyfriend and her overprotective family, come to grips with the interplanetary jewel thieves who keep breaking into her shop looking for their missing loot. And then there are the local and interplanetary detectives who think she either stole the jewels or that she makes excellent bait for the real thieves. Take your pick.

The Designer People (Space Colony Journals Book 5) $2.99

Alien Trails (Space Colony Journals Book 6) $3.99

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All girls look for romance and adventure, but sometimes its better if you don't get what you ask for...

Accompanied by a diverse group of explorers Juliette discovers the unknown continent of Kitzingen is a dangerous place. When they encounter refuges from a crashed LifeBoat, she spots a Thieves Guild tattoo on one of them and is immediately suspicious. But the dangers on the expedition are nothing compared to what awaits Juliette when she returns home and learns of a threat to her family. A reward for the capture of Juliette's younger siblings is making the rounds in criminal circles. When some of them are snatched at a festival, it will take all her courage and skill to save them.

Can she do it?