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Paranormal Thriller Series Saving Sara

And meet author Cheryl Thibodeau...

As my own child approaches his teenage years, I wanted to find books for him that were first, wholesome - no overt sexuality or profanity - and second, that discussed the issues which are of concern to young people and their parents. And of course, I wanted the books to be entertaining.

When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to write them myself.

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The Promise of Provence (Love in Provence Book 1) SIGHTED: The Gift  Free on Kindle Unlimited  kindle unlimited logo $0.99

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I'm Lindsay, and I'm a teenage visionary with a few big problems. My mother is way overprotective. My best friend is an airhead. My boyfriend joined the Army.
And I can see murders before they happen.

At the age of eight, I realized that I'm a visionary - that I'm "sighted," as my mom calls it. She tells me I need to learn how to manage my ability. She insists that it's a gift.
That's so not true. I think she's just trying to make me feel better about it. I mean, I already have enough to contend with. Like surviving the continuing drama that is my best friend Sara, and finding the time to be with my boyfriend Scott, all while trying to get myself graduated from my small-town high school so I can go to college and have even more to contend with.
My visions of grisly deaths - past, present, and future - kind of complicate things, especially since I'm still learning how to handle them. Every now and then, I see them wrong.
So while Mom calls it my "gift," I disagree. If this is a gift, then I'd like to give it back.

Promises to Keep (Love in Provence Book 2) Sighted - Saving Sara (Book Two - Saving Sara) Free on Kindle Unlimited kindle unlimited logo $0.99 

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"YA meets 'The Twilight Zone." - Amazon Review

Continuing the story of Lindsay and Sara, Book Two: SAVING SARA opens during the Christmas season - a peaceful, joyous time for the extended family.

The holidays turn suddenly terrifying when, after learning that Sara's abusive father has resurfaced and is harassing Sara, Lindsay is plagued by bloody, horrific visions of Sara's murder.

But Lindsay tends to misunderstand her visions. Sara might be the target of her father's rage... Or it could be someone else.

Promises to Keep (Love in Provence Book 2) Sighted - The Secret (Book Three - Saving Sara) Free on Kindle Unlimited kindle unlimited logo $0.99 OR Buy book 1 or 2 and Sign up to get book three for FREE!

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He said he would love her until the day he died.
He kept his promise.

In Book Three of the Paranormal Suspense/Young Adult saga, SIGHTED, Lindsay is recovering from the traumatic brain injury she suffered during a home invasion.

While she puts the rest of her life on hold in order to recuperate, her problems become overwhelming. Lindsay struggles with issues in her family, trouble with Scott, suspension from her job... And an ever-increasing need for the pain killers that her doctors presecibed for her.

Rapidly losing control of her life, Lindsay is suddenly confronted by the haunting, heartbreaking visions of a young man who wants her to uncover a secret - one that will bring her back from the edge of self-destruction.