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Dark, irreverently funny mystery-thrillers

Kathleen is a two time Book of the Year Finalist and Thriller of the Year Award winner. Her Twisted Crime series is dark, irreverently funny mystery/thrillers about women behaving badly. All three in the series, including The Invisible Heiress, The Last Day for Rob Rhino and Girl Gone Home are available on Amazon.

Kathleen is a wife, mom of four, grandmother of six, a recovering blogger and living in Nevada with her husband. They are travel junkies and go to different countries at least once a year. She (in the current paragraph there is no space between year. and She) loves shoes, food, the written word, weirdos and Lucy.

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The Invisible Heiress: A Gripping Psychological Thriller Filled with Nail-Biting Suspense (Twisted Crime Book 1)  Free Today Only, Sunday, January 19th! - Always FREE ON KU!

Thriller of the Year winner!

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"Finished this book just moments ago and wow, I LOVED it. Talk about a page turner, and tight, smart writing that never lets you rest. Super twisty, clever plot with a few shockers I never saw coming. GREAT characters, even when I didn't like them, I loved them as a reader. This book will stick in my head for a while, like all book hangovers should!" – B. Tel, five star review on Amazon.

"Dark, disturbing, deliciously inappropriate." – Leslie Wolfe, best-selling author of The Watson Girl.

From two-time Book of the Year finalist Kathleen O'Donnell comes a gripping psychological thriller filled with unexpected twists.

A psychiatric patient with a dark secret

Preston Blair, a blogger with a dark sense of humor, is committed to a private psychiatric hospital, accused of a shocking crime. Her father Todd's influence as a D.A. has kept her from prison, but her sanity remains on a knife-edge.

A therapist with an agenda

Preston's therapist, Isabel, is too preoccupied working her latest con on a rich, married, sadomasochistic secret lover, to care about Preston's problems, even when Preston tells her that her socialite mother, Harrison Blair, had committed an unthinkable crime herself years before—one that might help explain Preston's own misdeeds.

A shocking secret that begs to be told

When Preston's absent husband, Brendan, suddenly turns up and tries to prove her innocence, tragedy strikes. Preston's convinced her parents were involved, but it turns out to be much more complicated. As Preston delves deeper into the mystery, her head clears and a devastating event that she had long erased from her muddled mind comes rushing back.

A killer that cannot be stopped

Stumbling onto video evidence, which exposes a killer's greed and lust for power, Preston finds her own life is in danger from a surprising and once trusted source. She discovers that the truth hurts. It just might be the death of her.

Fans of Janet Evanovich, Gillian Flynn, and Jessica Knoll will love Kathleen O'Donnell.

The Last Day For Rob Rhino: A suspenseful mystery filled with nail-biting twists (Twisted Crime Book 2)  $2.99 - FREE ON KU!

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I absolutely LOVED this book! Claire is sarcastic, FUNNY, semi crazy, and a hella smart woman that I loved to hate then loved again. I became more immersed with every page, as the plot twisted and turned its way to the end. Kathleen O'Donnell has done an outstanding job with her first book. Can't wait to hear more from her. Hurry! – Ryker, five star review on Amazon.

Claire's a rich widow on a mission, who partakes with abandon from the pharmacy stored in her Prada purse. Rob's an aging reality show celebrity.

Stuck on the same flight, bound for the same eccentric town, she hates him on sight. She thinks she knows all there is to know about him but is dying to find out more. He's disinterested but somehow still sees right through her. But they've both got big problems. Hers is in the Louis Vuitton carryon in the overhead. His is in his pants.

To Claire's dismay, Rob turns up everywhere she goes, yet they form the unlikeliest of friendships. He cares for her in ways she's never known before. He could be the best thing in her life—or the worst.

't even know they were looking for, yet some questions linger. What happened to Rob's first wife? What happened to Claire's husband? Will they live through the answers?

The Last Day for Rob Rhino is a dark, tragic, and funny novel about the bonds of family and friendship. If you'd love a Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, or Stieg Larsson novel with a humorous twist, this would be it.

Girl Gone Home: A Twisted, Quirky, Absolutely Gripping Psychological Thriller (Twisted Crime Book 3)  $2.99 Always free on Kindle Unlimited!

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