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Vance Huxley lives out in the countryside in Lincolnshire, England. He has spent a busy life working in many different fields - including the building and rail industries, as a workshop manager, trouble-shooter for an engineering firm, accountancy, cafe proprietor, and graphic artist. He also spent time in other jobs, and is proud of never being dismissed, and only
once made redundant.

Eventually he found his Noeline, but unfortunately she died much too young. To help with the aftermath, Vance tried writing though without any real structure. As an editor and beta readers explained the difference between words and books, he tried again.

Now he tries to type as often as possible in spite of the assistance of his cats, since his legs no longer work well enough to allow anything more strenuous. An avid reader of sci-fi, fantasy and adventure novels, his writing tends towards those genres.

Fall of the Cities: Planting the Orchard 

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The world is falling apart. Terrorists spark a worldwide oil and gas crisis while imports grind to a halt. Europe and Britain are erupting into chaos as food runs out and desperate people take matters into their own hands.

As the government begins to seal off rioting parts of the city, Corporal Harry Miller takes an offered discharge to get his sister and her kids to safety. But he’s not fast enough. Trapped in the city with a rag-tag collection of ordinary citizens, Harry struggles to create a small pocket of stability - a place to ride out the coming confrontation between rioters and the Army, and save themselves from complete annihilation.

Fall of the Cities: Putting Down Roots  

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As Harry and the other residents of Orchard Close struggle to survive, a new crop of problems present themselves. Unstable electricity damages equipment, days are spent scavenging for ammo, weapons, food, glass bottles, and of all things, yarn. Elsewhere, gangs carve out their territory throughout the city. Residents pay for protection through coupons, barter or worse. Citizens fleeing the city gangs, violence and lack of food flock to Orchard Close, but how many can they take in?

Worse, as time goes by, life changes from surviving to enduring. What's the point of maths if you are going to starve to death? The peace is fragile with only a bullet away from having the whole world change again...and it does.

Fall of the Cities: Branching Out  

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Three years and hundreds of bullets later, Orchard Close is holding together. The cabal dreams up more ways to get their latest group of requirements: gardeners and women of loose morals. Food production is a major concern, for the marts and for the enclaves. Caddi pushes Harold with his new games, taunting, testing and trying to figure out what makes him tick – so he can exploit it.

A common enemy, The General, smashes smaller enclaves, combines gangs and makes a wide sweep for control of the city, aligning the GOFS, Barbies and Orchard Close for their biggest fight yet. In this new world, only the strategic survive, but can they survive their temporary alliances?

Fall of the Cities: A Mercedes for Soldier Boy   

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Despite the global genocide and destruction, the Cabal are still trying to salvage their master plan for mankind. In the UK, that involves wiping out the last of the population trapped in the cities, those who don't fit into the new future.

Inside the ruined cities, both peaceful and gang-dominated enclaves are beginning to realize time is running out. For some cities, it is already too late, but even a few dedicated survivors can be a serious setback for the Cabal. Elsewhere, the more violent use the reprieve to grow stronger, while possible allies for Orchard Close combine to survive. The UK Cabal adapt again and again, recruiting mercenary armor while still trying to control the in-fighting inside the enclosures.

Despite all the death and destruction there is hope, and possibly love. Soldier Boy meets a woman who really gets under his skin - a she's a cold-blooded assassin for a neighboring gang. He can't be sure if she's setting him up for the kill, or trying to get into his pants, but either way he can't ignore her.

His friends are worried, his enemies wonder if she is a weakness to exploit, while to the north the Bloods are recruiting because they owe Orchard Close some payback. In one terrible night of treachery, violence and tragic loss, plots stretching back three years come to fruition. As bullets fly and gangster machetes meet the Riot Squad, Harold's questions are answered, but is it too late?