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USA TODAY bestselling author, M.A. Rothman, is one of the most unlikely novelists you'll ever meet. He's an engineer first and foremost, with a background in the sciences, and somehow or another, this writing habit of his has turned into a bit more than just a run-of-the-mill hobby.

He primarily writes stories that focus on two things: technology and international intrigue. This writing tends to span the genres of science fiction, techno-thriller, and mainstream thrillers.

When not writing, he enjoys cooking, learning about new technology, travel, and spending time with his family.

Perimeter (A Levi Yoder Thriller, Book 1)Perimeter (A Levi Yoder Thriller, Book 1)$4.99

The Inside Man (A Levi Yoder Thriller, Book 2) $4.99

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*** USA Today Bestseller ***
*** Each Levi Yoder novel is a standalone story ***

As a member of the Mafia, Levi is very different. He's an angel in wolf's clothing.

The FBI wants to use him or send him to jail. A Japanese mob boss wants Levi to find his missing granddaughter.

Jail or the life of an innocent little girl, Levi's left with no choice.
Brief Synopsis:

As a member of a New York Mafia family, Levi Yoder's role is unique: he's a fixer, a solver of problems, a man whose code puts loyalty above all else, yet he's a man with a conscience. An angel in wolf's clothing.

In THE INSIDE MAN, Levi's search for the kidnapped grandchild of a Japanese mob boss plunges him into a world filled with chaos.

When he's falsely accused of a heinous series of crimes, the FBI makes Levi an offer he can't refuse: use his mob connections to help investigate the murders of several undercover agents or find himself in jail awaiting trial, without a way to clear his name.

With the threat of incarceration hanging over his head and the life of a five-year-old at stake, Levi finds himself tracking a serial killer who he fears might lead him to suspects that are very close to home.

Jail or the life of an innocent little girl, Levi's left with no choice.

Never Again (A Levi Yoder Thriller, Book 3)Never Again (A Levi Yoder Thriller, Book 3) $0.99 for a Limited Time 11/11-11/17!

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Levi is a fixer for one of the New York Mafia families.

However, when Rivka Cohen walks into his life asserting that the police are calling her husband's death a suicide even though she has evidence that he's been murdered, things take an unexpected turn for this mafioso.

In NEVER AGAIN, Levi is thrust into a world filled with old grudges, bigotry, international politics, and treason.

With evidence of a long-festering plot that has its roots in Nazi Germany, Levi knows this is something he can't ignore.

However, Levi soon learns that it's the criminal justice system itself trying to bury the case as well as anyone who pursues it.

This may be too much for even him to handle.