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Award Winning Thriller Series

Kathryn Lane, award-winning author of the Nikki Garcia Thriller series, sets her novels in foreign countries and her short stories in exotic places.

Kathryn credits her imagination to growing up in Mexico, a country which was rich in storytelling and steeped in cultural traditions. Her creativity was first expressed by painting in oils and when reality of earning a living set in, she studied accounting and finance, and joined a multinational corporation where she attained her dream job of traveling abroad.

After two decades in the corporate world and having visited over 90 countries, Kathryn left to fulfill a second dream - writing mystery and suspense novels.

Fans of strong female protagonists and suspenseful stories are likely to enjoy Kathryn's work. Waking Up in Medellin was named Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017 by Killer Nashville.Danger in the Coyote Zone - first place winner in the Action/Adventure category in Latino Books into Movies 2018. It was also a finalist in the Thriller category at Killer Nashville 2018.

Revenge in Barcelona: A Nikki Garcia Thriller Revenge in Barcelona: A Nikki Garcia Thriller  $0.99

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Revenge in Barcelona by Kathryn Lane. Readers’ Favorite calls it a spellbinding novel that will entice fans of thrillers and sleuth stories.

Nikki Garcia, a private investigator, escapes from life-threatening work in Mexico. With her fiancé Eduardo Duarte, they travel to Spain only to suspect her assailant has followed them to Barcelona. After witnessing a seemingly unrelated terrorist incident at a tourist attraction, Nikki realizes she may have been the target of the attack. To survive, she and Eduardo must act quickly to uncover who is stalking her.

Waking Up in Medellin: A Nikki Garcia Thriller Waking Up in Medellin: A Nikki Garcia Thriller (Feb 3, 2020) $4.99

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Named “Best Fiction Book of the Year—2017” by the Killer Nashville International Mystery Writers’ Conference, Waking Up in Medellin also won Killer Nashville’s “Best Fiction—Adult Suspense—2017.”

"Waking Up in Medellin by Kathryn Lane is as hard to put down as an unscratched lottery ticket. Nikki Garcia is the accountant version of James Bond. Our heroine flies to Medellin, Colombia to ascertain if the president of a major steel company is guilty of embezzlement. Her financial forensic skills and tenacity are apparent as she bulldogs her way to finding evidence. As a result of her investigation, people begin to die and it brings her closer to meeting the same fate. There are so many good guys, bad guys, and many that can go either way that the story moves at lightning speed toward an explosive finish. As a comparison, Grisham comes to mind.

—Review by Robert Selby, screenplay writer, book reviewer, and volunteer at the Killer Nashville International Mystery Writers’ Conference.

"Waking Up in Medellin isn’t your run-of-the-mill thriller, but a story with a unique plot and characters that are original and sophisticated. Nikki is a character that will arouse the interest of readers, one who reminds me of the characters in Sidney Sheldon’s novels. The narrative is impeccable and Kathryn Lane is deft with the first-person narrative. It is a story with powerful conflicts, escalating swiftly and culminating in a satisfying denouement."

—Review by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Danger in the Coyote Zone: A Nikki Garcia Thriller (The Nikki Garcia Thriller Series) 

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Praise for Danger in the Coyote Zone

"Danger in the Coyote Zone compels and thrills with trademark Kathryn Lane qualities: page-turning suspense, contemporary 'ripped-from-the-headlines' conflict, dangerously high stakes, and passionately evoked romance. You will see the world differently after accompanying these memorable characters to a zone where 'the devil is on the loose.'”

—Dr. Cliff Hudder, a member of the Texas Institute of Letters and author of Pretty Enough for You and Splinterville

"Kathryn Lane’s spunky Latina heroine, Nikki Garcia, is back in Danger in the Coyote Zone. When the story opens, Nikki is vacationing in the Yucatán with her fiancé Eduardo, but their lovefest is interrupted by a call from her boss to investigate a kidnapping in San Miguel de Allende. Not only is this a page-turning thriller with twist after heart-wrenching twist, but it brings awareness to the very real issue of human trafficking."

—Review by Sharon Marchisello, author of Going Home and Secrets of the Galapagos, and book reviewer for the Killer Nashville International Mystery Writers’ Conference.