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So you participated in an AXP Mailing List Builder Giveaway Event! Yay! Now you have hundreds (probably thousands!) of new emails for your mailing list.

Hm. Now what?

Here's some ideas and best practices!

  1. Add these emails to your current email list - or, if you have the ability - add them to a second list so you can mail these new potential fans special offers and/or maybe mail them less frequently for a bit while you ease them into the fold.
  2. BE OF VALUE. Do you like boring/salesy spam? Probably not. When you send out newsletters, be sure they are of some value to the recipient. Make them funny or interesting. Share OTHER authors freebees and promotions (it's like giving your readers gifts you don't have to pay for!) - make readers look forward to your newsletters - not dread them.
  3. Don't get it into your head that you MUST MAIL. People would rather get infrequent newsletters than one every Wednesday that bores them to tears.
  4. Keep track of results. Watch your stats - if you have an unusual number of unsubscribes after a particular newsletter, maybe don't do that again (Whatever it was!)


  • Let them know about giveaways
  • Let them know about promotions (yours and others)
  • Be funny, entertaining or interesting
  • Do run contests and other value added events
  • Check your newsletters for proper links/dead links
  • Make your newsletter attractive - not a jumble of different fonts and colors and blech


  • Spam them with pleas to buy your full-priced books. Save begging for promos. The more ME ME ME BUY BUY BUY your newsletters are, the more BYE BYE BYE your followers will be.
  • Don't send more than once a week unless something crazy great is going on.
  • Don't introduce yourself in every newsletter. People are inundated with stuff - just because they signed up for your newsletter, it doesn't mean they're that interested in YOU. They want to be entertained. Bios that sound pulled from a CV are death. Stories about yourself that are funny/interesting/moving - that's entertainment. Make them love you - don't tell them why they should. Show don't tell!


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