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It makes me crazy that some authors don’t realize the power of building their mailing list!

Here’s why I think it is important.

Because Book Promotional Sites Can Be Spotty

Very few promotional sites offer return on investment. It’s just a fact. You can spend a few hundred dollars buying a BookBub newsletter slot and watch it double your money, but it isn’t easy getting those coveted BookBub slots. Other book promo sites you may pay to play, but in return sell two books. You don’t have to be great at math to see that isn’t the fast track to riches (and I mean “author riches” which is a synonym for “enough money to eat Raman noodles for every meal.”)

Because Amazon Owns Our Butts

Amazon’s won the ebook war. And for authors, NOT taking advantage of the higher percentages and marketing opportunities gained by enrolling our books in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing – which prevents our ebooks from appearing on Barnes and Noble, etc.) becomes sillier and sillier. But as much as I love all the different ways Amazon offers me to promote my books, their way of doing business has also done two other things:

1. Made readers used to reading “free” books through it’s KU (Kindle Unlimited) program. This means sometimes I promote a book it took me months to write for $2.99 and get a nasty tweet from a fellow informing me I’m out of my mind because he’d never spend that on a book. Thanks. Thanks for sharing. Block.

2. They’ve cornered the market. Amazon holds us by the literary gonads. If they say the price per page that we are paid for books enrolled in the KU program is dropping to .0000000000004 we can’t really do a darn thing about it. It hasn’t happened, but it could. And that’s terrifying.

Because With Your Own List, YOU Control Your Marketing

Empowering thought, isn't it? :)


So please – if you’re an author or if you know an author come sign up to be included in an event!

Spread the word – it will only make us ALL stronger!