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Women's Fiction from Evy Journey

Evy Journey, SPR (Self Publishing Review) Independent Woman Author awardee, writes Women's Fiction, an amorphous category of stories written mostly for women, from a woman's point of view, as varied as that is. They can be romance, chick lit, or literary.

Evy has a Ph.D. in psychology so her particular brand of women's fiction spins tales about well-drawn characters as they cope with the problems and issues of contemporary life. These stories explore the many faces of love, loss , second chances, and finding one's way. Often, they're laced with a twist of mystery or intrigue.

She's also a wannabe artist, and a flâneuse who wishes she lives in Paris where art is everywhere and people have honed aimless roaming to an art form. She has lived in Paris a few times as a transient.

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What would Elizabeth Bennet be like if she had been born today? In this modern-day tale inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, bright, beautiful law student Elise Halverson looks forward to a promising career. The last thing she needs is to fall in love with well-known playboy Greg Thorpe. Besides, he's engaged to be married.

Greg finds Elise so unlike the women he used to date and he’s deeply intrigued. But distrusting the image she has of him, Elise tries to keep away.

Elise’s parents invite Greg to their frequent dinner parties. There, Greg and Elise butt heads. She’s surprised to find that, behind his rich playboy persona, he’s intelligent and engaging. They can’t help feeling drawn to each other.

The night before his wedding, they give in to their mutual attraction. Although Elise expects nothing more from that night, Greg is in for trouble. His jilted fiancée strikes back, intent on revenge.

Two years later Greg and Elise get a second chance but they find that the way to their happy-ever-after is not so easy. For one, Greg is in for a surprise. Then, his former fiancée comes back and trouble returns to haunt Greg and Elise again.

At the core of this women’s fiction is a literary and realistic romance spiced with a twist of mystery. Hello My Love is Book 1 in the series Between Two Worlds, a family saga about three strong women. In three tales of loss, love, second chances, and finding one’s way, they cope with issues contemporary women face.

Hello, Agnieszka (Between Two Worlds Book 2)Hello, Agnieszka (Between Two Worlds Book 2)$2.99

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Elise thought her mother didn't have any secrets. But when her oldest brother attempts suicide, a dark truth must come to light -- a past her mother had never shared with any of her children.

A passion for music. Shattered dreams. Betrayal of a sweet but tragic first love. A second chance. Such was Agnieszka's past life amidst the exciting hopeful seventies. Born to immigrant parents weighed down by their roots, Agnieszka takes solace in learning to play the piano, taught by a sympathetic grandaunt who was a concert pianist in Poland. But when her aunt betrays her and her parents cast her aside for violating their traditional values, can music sustain her? Can she, at eighteen, build a life on her own?

When she finally bares her soul to her children, Agnieszka hopes they can accept that she's just as human, just as vulnerable as they are. More importantly, she will need to reconnect with the strength that allowed her to conquer the past and have hope for the future.

Book 2 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW), Hello Agnieszka is one of three standalone novels of loss, love, second chances, and finding one's way. BTW tells the stories of three strong women who cope with issues contemporary women face.

Welcome, Reluctant Stranger (Between Two Worlds Book 3)Welcome, Reluctant Stranger (Between Two Worlds Book 3) $2.99

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Suddenly uprooted from her privileged life in Costa Mora, an island on the Pacific, Leilani's life is about to change drastically.

What happened to her father, and why was her family forced to flee?

For fifteen years, these questions have not been fully answered. When she saves a man from a mugging, she's reluctant to pursue the mutual attraction that develops between them

But things are about to change.

Leilani realizes the past is impossible to run away from. A stranger from her old country arrives and Leilani's mother is forced to reveal the truth behind her family's flight--the shocking, shameful secret about her father's role in a deadly political web.

Is her father still alive? Is he a hero or a villain? Can she deal with the truth?

Though shattered by the news, she's suspicious of the stranger's motives for coming forward nearly twenty years later.

A standalone novel, Welcome Reluctant Stranger is Book 3 in the family saga Between Two Worlds (BTW) about three strong women coping with contemporary social and family issues.