Ambushed: MM Supernatural Romance Adventure

Buffalo cop Milo Cornell found out about the supernatural when he thought he was busting a frat party and wound up with ghouls instead. A mysterious stranger saved his life but nearly died in the process. Milo makes an impetuous decision to protect the stranger and leave his old life behind. But will they become partners in every sense of the word? (Prequel to the Witchbane series, but can be r ...

Leap of Faith

Sexy psychic Simon Kincaid and his hot homicide cop fiance Vic D’Amato team up with monster hunters Seth Tanner and Evan Malone to solve four locked-room murders. A supernatural killer bent on vengeance is on the loose. Can they stop him before more people die, or will he turn his dark magic to stalk them? A Badlands-Witchbane crossover novella. Can be read as a stand-alone.

Answering the Call

Annie’s life on Wrangell island is full of simple joys and blessings, from the rugged beauty of the landscape to the warmth of her growing family. But when tragedy strikes and threatens to shatter her world, Annie is forced to confront her deepest fears and doubts. Will she be able to hold onto her faith in the face of such overwhelming loss and uncertainty?