Angel's Fate

I was sent to Earth to save humanity, not fall in love with my enemy. A powerful demon is wreaking havoc on Earth. And I’m an angel, duty-bound to protect humans. But as soon as I landed, I had to save a man from a witch intent on ending his life. Witches are my sworn enemies. But this one… she’s sexy, bewitching, and infuriating all at the same time. An unforeseen complication. No witch should ha ...

The Nanny's Bossy Billionaire

But, I’m scraping every penny to pay off my brother’s debt, and a weekend babysitting job with a rich family seems like just what I need. Even if the little terror has a reputation for making nannies cry. My luck runs out when I find my charge’s beloved uncle is the bossy stranger I slept with some nights ago. I can’t stand him, and he says I’m not his type anyway. Still, he likes to e ...

Dusk of Humanity

The signs were all there. A mysterious virus. The infected's erratic behavior. Unexplained bite marks. The door of The Bunker is sealed, leaving those inside with no way out. The world they know, gone. Or so they've been told. Beyond The Bunker, a secret lies in wait. If it finds a way in, it could eradicate what's left of humanity. And make no mistake. It always finds a way.